Where we work

Millions of people go blind every year, and millions more suffer poor vision, simply because of where they were born. Learn more about where we work and the communities we help, all thanks to our supporters, partners, and in-country teams.



Orbis has been fighting avoidable blindness in Ethiopia for over two decades. The Addis Ababa office, registered in 1998, was our first program office and currently manages our largest portfolio of eye care programs. Orbis Ethiopia focuses on trachoma elimination, training, governance, and health system strengthening in urban and rural settings.

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The Flying Eye Hospital first touched down in Ghana in 1990, with long-term country programs established by 2014. 209,000 people, out of a population of 30.8 million, are living with blindness, with a further 330,000 living with severe vision loss. Orbis works alongside partners to improve access to eye care, especially for children.

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Orbis has been partnering with the Zambian Ministry of Health since 2010 to build capacity within the overburdened and under-resourced healthcare system. Orbis Zambia, a branch of Orbis International, was established in 2016 to help scale quality eye care across the county.

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Orbis started its journey in Bangladesh in 1985 when the Flying Eye Hospital first touched down, with long-term programs starting in the year 2000. Since then, Orbis has worked with local partners to focus on eye disease prevention and sight restoration for women, children, and marginalized communities in remote, rural areas.

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Orbis has worked in China since the Flying Eye Hospital visited Guangzhou in 1982. Since establishing an office in Beijing in 1999, our long-term projects have helped create quality, affordable, and accessible eye care with a particular focus on rural areas.

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Orbis began saving sight in India in 1988 and set up our in-country office in Delhi in 2000. Orbis India's main focus areas are children's eye care, primary eye care, Human Resources for Eye Health, and enabling quality eye health. 270,000 children are living with blindness in India, with more than 50% of these cases being avoidable.

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Orbis has worked in Nepal since the Flying Eye Hospital first visited Kathmandu in 1985. Nepal's diverse terrain has led to an unequal distribution of infrastructure, equipment, and human resources in eye health, which makes our work even more critical.

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The Orbis Flying Eye Hospital first visited Mongolia in 1989 to help improve the skills of local eye teams. Since then there have been further training projects on board the Flying Eye Hospital, in local hospitals, and online via our telemedicine platform, Cybersight.

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Orbis began working in Vietnam in 1996, providing ophthalmic training in local hospitals in collaboration with the Vietnam National Institute of Ophthalmology. In 2003, an Orbis office was set up in Hanoi following the launch of several long-term projects and the establishment of the country's first eye bank.

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Latin America and the Caribbean


Orbis launched its work in Bolivia in 2017 with a new program focused on training the next generation of ophthalmologists, in partnership with the National Institute of Ophthalmology, in La Paz.

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Our Flying Eye Hospital first touched down in Lima in 1982, and it signaled the beginning of a long relationship of ophthalmic training and skills-sharing. Some 1.1 million Peruvians are living with blindness or visual impairment out of a population of only 33 million.

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Fundraising Offices

Orbis International

Orbis International New York Headquarters

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Orbis UK

The Orbis UK fundraising office in London

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Orbis Ireland

The Orbis Ireland fundraising office

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Orbis Canada

The Orbis Canada fundraising office

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Orbis Hong Kong

The Orbis Hong Kong fundraising office

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Orbis Macau

The Orbis Macau fundraising office

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Orbis China

The Orbis China office

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