Female patient Lantu with eye glasses stands in a hospital corridor after a screening for strabismus

World Sight Day

Held on the second Thursday of October every year, World Sight Day is one of the most important days in the eye health calendar—a day to come together and celebrate the achievements of the eye health community, and raise awareness of the important issues on the horizon.

What is World Sight Day?

Globally, there are 43 million people who are blind and a further 295 million living with moderate-to-severe visual impairment. Out of these, a huge 77% is completely preventable or treatable.

World Sight Day is hosted by the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness and takes on a different theme each year to raise awareness of this important global health issue.

See what you'd miss by not getting your eyes checked.

Blindness and visual impairment caused by conditions such as strabismus, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and retinopathy of prematurity. can be entirely prevented or treated if detected early. Trachoma can be cured with a dose of antibiotics. Similarly, a cataract can be removed with a straightforward 20-minute surgery.

This is where we and the fellow eye health community step in. Through exchanging skills with eye health professionals all over the world and strengthening the quality of eye care systems in communities where it is needed the most, we can reduce blindness and visual impairment from avoidable causes, and the negative effects that come with it for generations.

Blindness in Numbers

2023 World Sight Day

Celebrating World Sight Day Through the Years

Celebrating World Sight Day Around the World

What We're Doing to Save Sight

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