Young girl from Ethiopia looks at the camera smiling. She has a noticeable misalignment in one of her eyes.

What We're Doing To Tackle Global Blindness

With your help we can ensure that everyone, everywhere has access to ​sight-saving care to see a thriving future for themselves, their families, and their communities for generations to come.

Changing the Way the World Sees

Orbis International is the only eye care nonprofit delivering sight-saving programs in over 200 countries and territories. This work is delivered by integrating cutting-edge digital training tools, dedicated in-country programs and the world’s first and only Flying Eye Hospital, and utilizes Orbis eye care experts and more than 400 world-renowned medical volunteers known as Volunteer Faculty.

Dr. Rudy Wagner teaches local doctors how to perform surgery in Vietnam.

Volunteer Faculty Dr. Rudy Wagner teaches local doctors how to perform surgery during our 2023 Flying Eye Hospital project in Vietnam.


Orbis provides advanced training and mentorship to eye care teams in nearly every country in the world, empowering them to deliver sight-saving care where the need is greatest.

We have been delivering innovative training to eye care teams for over four decades. When eye care teams get the training they need, patients get the care they deserve.

Orbis runs long-term country programs across Africa, Asia, and Latin America and the Caribbean that provide access to training opportunities for local eye care teams, including courses offered in their home institutions under the mentorship of Orbis’s renowned medical volunteers.​

Our specialist training is delivered in partnership with local hospitals, public health agencies and governments. It takes place on board our incredible Flying Eye Hospital, through our online mentoring platform, Cybersight, and through our long-term country programs.

It is made possible thanks to the generosity of our remarkable volunteer ophthalmologists, anesthesiologists, nurses and biomedical engineers who give up their free time every year to train eye teams in communities around the world.


Orbis develops and scales access to innovative technology that is revolutionizing training for eye care professionals and treatment for patients. For too long, the most cutting-edge tools have only been accessible in high-income settings, though their greatest impact can be made in the most underserved places.

Through our award-winning telemedicine platform Cybersight, artificial intelligence diagnostic technology, virtual reality training, and the world’s first and only Flying Eye Hospital, we're revolutionizing ophthalmic training around the world.

Orbis has spent two decades developing Cybersight, which offers free virtual access to world-class ophthalmic training resources developed by international medical experts.​

Our comprehensive approach.

Treatment and Prevention

Through our long-term country programs we provide equitable access to quality eye care that transforms lives and communities. Orbis puts eye care within reach through programs that serve communities where they are. To reach the most underserved populations, quality care must be not only available, but also easily accessible.​

Our long-term country programs increase access to eye care across Africa, Asia, and Latin America and the Caribbean. Our programs include vision centers that ensure rural communities can access eye care; administration of antibiotics to fight trachoma, the leading infectious cause of blindness; and facilities to address children's unique eye care needs.

Young patient receives Zithromax antibiotics in Ethiopia

Providing sight-saving antibiotics to help eliminate trachoma in Ethiopia.

Over the past ten years, Orbis has conducted over 14.3 million sight-saving eye screenings and exams at community outreach projects, trained more than 424,000 eye care professionals and health workers, and treated more than 19.6 million patients at Orbis-supported health facilities. We have also distributed more than 84 million doses of trachoma-fighting antibiotics, making it 106.4 million doses in total.


Through support from donors, corporate sponsors, employees, governments, and a team of more than 400 world-renowned medical volunteers, we work in collaboration with local partners to improve the quality and availability of eye care, ensuring our impact endures long term and becomes self-sustaining. ​

With your support, we cultivate long-standing relationships with local hospitals, ministries of health, and others to build not just individual centers of excellence, but also strong eye care systems and to influence national policies to prioritize eye care.​

Our original research is regularly published in top-tier peer-reviewed journals. What we learn is used to inform our evidence-based approach to programming and innovation. Our findings also have implications that can strengthen outcomes for others in the eye care sector—and beyond.

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Despite the additional barriers presented by a global pandemic, more than 30,000 trainings were completed by doctors, nurses, and other eye care workers throughout 2022 alone.

Meet Rose, an incredible patient whose sight was saved thanks to supporters like you!

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