By becoming a Partner in Sight with your monthly gift, you’ll know that your generosity is fighting avoidable blindness every month — and bringing sight to thousands of people living in darkness.

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With more than 250 million children and adults affected by avoidable blindness and vision loss worldwide, every single donation from our supporters makes a vital difference.

By committing a monthly gift to Orbis and becoming a Partner in Sight, you can help save countless people – children, women, breadwinners, community members - from losing their vision to a preventable cause.

As a volunteer, I see first-hand how Orbis changes lives. Every time I witness a child see his mother's face for the first time, my commitment to this work grows. My monthly pledge allows me to feel that joy every day -- even when I'm not there in person.

Dr. Daniel Neely

Orbis volunteer doctor and Partner in Sight

We invite you to join our special donor program of committed Orbis supporters, some of whom are the very volunteer doctors, pilots and other professionals who staff our Flying Eye Hospital.

Your monthly contribution as a Partner in Sight allows us to expand and plan for programs and services to restore vision to those who need it most.

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