As a Partner in Sight monthly donor, you’ll help ensure that children like young Han from Vietnam, pictured below, grow up with healthy vision and brighter futures.

Becoming a Partner in Sight is easy — and you’ll save sight every month!

By donating monthly, you’ll join a special group of donors whose reliable, generous support makes a direct impact on Orbis's essential sight-saving work—every month of the year.

And when you join with a gift of $10 or more, we’ll send your Orbis Partner in Sight reusable tote and storage pouch with our thanks! Your exclusive Baggu tote is perfect for picking up a few groceries—while proudly showing your friends and neighbors that you provide the gift of sight to people around the world.

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With more than 250 million children and adults affected by vision loss worldwide, every single donation from our supporters makes a vital difference.

By committing a monthly gift to Orbis and becoming a Partner in Sight, you can help save countless people – children, women, breadwinners, community members - from losing their vision to a preventable cause.

Join with a gift of $10 or more to receive your free tote, but hurry, supplies are limited!

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