Zipporah holds Seymour the Bear on a hospital bed before surgery.

Happy New Year: Thank you for helping save sight in 2023!

A big thank you for your amazing impact in 2023! Look at the amazing things you helped us achieve.

In May, you helped us return to patient-focused, surgical training projects on board the Flying Eye Hospital. For the first time since the pandemic, we were able to treat patients in-person on the aircraft while improving the skills and experience of local eye teams.

That same month, you also helped our teams in Ethiopia deliver the 100 millionth dose of sight-saving antibiotics to a young boy in the Gacho Baba District. The amazing milestone was marked by a ceremony and speeches by key figures, including our President and CEO, Derek Hodkey.

In October, you helped the Flying Eye Hospital return to Lusaka, Zambia to teach more than 80 eye care professionals complex surgical techniques.

A male in a high-vis vest gives a thumbs up outside the Flying Eye Hospital in Can Tho, Vietnam

Flying Eye Hospital Staff Nurse, Kenan Mwenda stands in front of the plane in Can Tho, Vietnam, in 2023.

And in 2023, with your support, our telemedicine and e-learning platform Cybersight, celebrated 20 years of improving access to eye care. This milestone was just in time for the release of our newest eye care tool, Cybersight AI, which uses AI to quickly scan thousands of images for eye diseases, helping both patients and doctors.

Cybersight had another stellar year with an additional 15,000 eye care professionals registering to use the suite of training tools, taking the total to more than 90,000 users. There were over 60,000 course enrollments, 28,000 webinar attendances, and 6,000 consult cases, each one helping to improve the quality of eye care in communities around the world.

Finally, we're thrilled to share that supporters like you have already put us on the path to saving sight for even more people in 2024 – collectively, you joined together to help us meet our $45,000 year-end matching challenge to save vision in 2024!

Once again, a huge thank you for your impact in 2023. May 2024 be full of joy, good health, and prosperity.

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