A teddy bear wearing a blue T-shirt with Orbis and OMEGA logos sits on a suitcase outside the Orbis Flying Eye Hospital

OMEGA raises sight-saving funds through limited-edition watch auction

We are excited to share a new collaboration with our long-term partner OMEGA. Between February 12th to 24th, OMEGA will be auctioning their limited-edition OMEGA x Swatch “Mission to Moonshine Gold” suitcases, with 100% of the proceeds going towards improving eye care around the world.

11 MoonSwatch Moonshine Gold suitcases will be auctioned through Sotheby's. Each suitcase contains all 11 OMEGA x Swatch “Mission to Moonshine Gold” timepieces. This is the first time these rare models have been offered together in one set, and the first time the special suitcase has been available to buy, making this a truly unique opportunity for watch enthusiasts.

11 "MoonSwatch Moonshine Gold" suitcases will be auctioned with all proceeds going to Orbis.

Find out more about the “Mission to Moonshine Gold” suitcases.

Before the auction takes place, the 11 “Mission to Moonshine Gold” suitcases will go on display at 11 OMEGA Boutiques around the world from February 1st to 11th, including Boutiques in Zurich, Tokyo, Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong, Beijing, New York, London, Milan, Paris, and Sydney. Why not drop by a store to view the collection and make sure you take a picture and share on your socials.

Orbis and OMEGA

OMEGA has been a proud supporter of Orbis since 2011, when we teamed up for the documentary Through Their Eyes, which followed OMEGA brand ambassador Daniel Craig on a visit to Mongolia with the Orbis Flying Eye Hospital. In 2015, OMEGA brand ambassador Cindy Crawford visited an Orbis Flying Eye Hospital program in Peru to create the film The Hospital in the Sky.

As well as raising vital awareness of vision loss through film and advertising, OMEGA has generously sponsored Flying Eye Hospital projects in Mongolia, Qatar, where we trained women eye care professionals from conflict-affected areas, and our most recent ophthalmic training project in Zambia.

OMEGA also donates cuddly teddy bears to help provide comfort and support to children recovering from surgery. The bear, named “Seymour,” is given to young boys and girls receiving treatment during Orbis training projects and shows the depth of OMEGA’s commitment to improving lives.

In 2022, OMEGA and Orbis announced a renewed five-year partnership that will help improve access to eye care around the world.

Thank you, OMEGA

We’d like to say a huge thank you to OMEGA for this opportunity, and for more than a decade of incredible support. OMEGA has not only helped us train thousands of eye care professionals, improving access to quality of eye care around the world, but has raised vital awareness of vision loss, too.

Follow the Orbis International social channels for more information on this exciting auction.

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