Kiet, a young boy from Vietnam, undergoes an eye screening

Kiet has his sight saved twice thanks to Orbis supporters

This is Kiet from Vietnam who has had his sight saved TWICE thanks to Orbis supporters!

This 12-year-old boy loves playing soccer, is a maths whizz, and dreams of running his own business one day. However, blurred vision from congenital cataracts (cloudy lenses from birth) nearly prevented him from reaching his full potential.

A male patient from Vietnam has a light shone in his eyes during an eye screening

Congenital cataracts nearly robbed Kiet of his vision.

We first met Kiet, the son of hard-working rice farmers, when he was much smaller.

Thanks to an Orbis-led school screening funded by our wonderful supporters, Kiet was diagnosed and treated for cataract in his right eye which was removed at our partner Can Tho Eye Hospital during our Flying Eye Hospital project back in 2017.

Fast forward to our first surgical Flying Eye Hospital training project since the pandemic in May 2023. This time Kiet had developed a cataract in his left which was picked up during a recent school screening.

Male congenital cataracts patient Kiet smiles with his mother during an Orbis Flying Eye Hospital project

Kiet was chosen for surgery by world-leading Orbis Volunteer Faculty pediatric ophthalmologist, Dr. Doug Fredrick, and the occasion marked the young boy’s first ever time on a plane!

The cataract was successfully removed, and the opportunity to observe and assist with the surgery meant local ophthalmologists could hone their skills and knowledge to better serve patients in their own community,

We're so grateful to be back in the skies, training eye care teams and treating children like Kiet — but we couldn't do this alone!

A huge thank you to our amazing supporters and partners who have made our sight-saving projects — past and present — possible.

This continued support means children in Vietnam can grow up with healthy vision and an even brighter future ahead of them!

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