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Young Josue in Peru … baby Hamdia in Ethiopia … and little Han in Vietnam were all at risk of lifelong vision loss – until friends like you stepped in. But today, millions of other precious children still need sight-saving care. Your donation by 12/31 will be doubled to give the gift of sight to children suffering from preventable vision loss.

Tiny Josue Could Have Been Blind for Life

Rosa was worried when her son Josue was born three months early. He was so tiny.

Doctors rushed him to intensive care immediately – and because Rosa was fighting a serious infection, she didn’t see her newborn son again for nearly two weeks. She dreaded what seemed like inevitable news that her baby boy hadn’t made it.

But Josue held on. Then, Rosa got more scary news: her precious infant, who had already overcome so much, could go blind … forever.

Like all babies born early, Josue was at risk for a serious condition called retinopathy of prematurity (or ROP), which could permanently damage his still-developing sight.

Yet with proper treatment and screening, vision loss from ROP is entirely preventable. And generous people just like you had helped prepare Josue’s doctors and nurses to protect his sight.

Josue’s medical team had trained with Orbis to treat ROP and provide sight-saving care. Because of their quick action – and Orbis supporters – today, Josue can see!

Infant Josue sits in his high chair being fed by his parents after undergoing treatment for ROP

Thanks to friends like you, Josue received the gift of sight!

Even as we celebrate Josue’s sight, much work remains: Around the world, almost 90 million young people are currently living with vision loss, including about two million boys and girls who are completely – but often not irreversibly – blind. With proper medical treatment, 3 in 4 of these children could have their sight restored.

Through 12/31, your gift will be matched, dollar-for-dollar, up to $45,000 to restore the sight of kids like Josue. There is no better time to give.

Please, read on to see how your contribution of any amount can save a child’s sight now – and make your most generous donation immediately:

Give $10 (Matched to $20) to Help Protect a Child Like Hamdia From Sight-Stealing Trachoma

In Ethiopia, where little Hamdia lives, it’s estimated that 40% of children under the age of nine have an active trachoma infection. If left untreated, this bacterial infection can develop into trichiasis, a painful condition causing the eyelids to turn inward and the eyelashes to scratch the surface of the eyes, leading to irreversible blindness.

But trachoma can be prevented with a simple annual dose of antibiotics, like the one that Hamdia received through an Orbis project in her community.

Your gift of $10 (matched to $20) can help provide antibiotics to children like Hamdia and prevent sight-stealing trachoma.

Or your gift of $25 (matched to $50) can help provide surgery for advanced trachoma, preserving a patient’s sight.

Give $50 (Matched to $100) to Help Provide 10 Pairs of Glasses to Kids Like Megha

Through our REACH (Refractive Error Among Children) program, Orbis partners with local schools and community locations to provide access to free eye screenings to check for childhood eye conditions. While each child’s vision is unique, the most common treatment for these conditions is prescription glasses.

Children diagnosed with refractive errors are given a free pair of prescription glasses, and those with more complicated conditions get referred to an Orbis-partner hospital.

Thanks to friends like you, Megha from Nepal can now see clearly – and can focus on her education and her dream of becoming a teacher!

Your gift of $50 (matched to $100) can help deliver up to 10 pairs of glasses to kids like Megha who urgently need them.

Or your generous gift of $100 (matched to $200) can help deliver up to 20 pairs of glasses to children in need, helping them see clearly.

Give $120 (Matched to $240) to Help Provide a Sight-Saving Surgery for a Child Like Han

Little Han from Vietnam suffered from ptosis, a drooping eyelid that obstructed her vision and left her too afraid to play with other children. Without the care she needed, Han could have had lifelong vision loss or even gone blind.

But thanks to Orbis supporters, Han received a life-changing surgery on board the Flying Eye Hospital this spring – and her sight was saved! She now has a bright future ahead and is more confident than ever.

Your gift of $120 (matched to $240) can help provide ptosis-correcting surgery for a child like Han.

Give $250 (Matched to $500) to Help Provide Cataract Surgery for a Young Child Like Marla

Marla was born with congenital cataracts, a clouding of the eye’s natural lens that can render a child blind. To save her sight, surgery was needed within weeks of birth.

Thanks to the generosity of people like you, Marla received the surgery she needed – at just 42 days old! – to protect her from a life of permanent vision loss. She can now grow up with healthy vision.

Your gift of $250 (matched to $500) can help provide cataract surgery for a child like Marla.

Give $250 (Matched to $500) to Help Protect the Sight of a Tiny Baby Like Gabriel

Gabriel was born in Peru at just 29 weeks and needed round-the-clock care to preserve his life and his sight.

Thanks to friends like you, Gabriel received urgent treatment at an Orbis partner hospital to protect his vision from retinopathy of prematurity (ROP), a condition that can permanently damage premature babies’ still-developing eyes. He can now grow up with healthy sight and will have a chance to see his parents’ loving faces!

Your gift of $250 (matched to ($500) can help provide urgent laser treatment for infants with ROP.

Give $400 (Matched to $800) to Help Restore the Vision of a Child Like Erekik

Erekik was born with strabismus, a condition which caused her eyes to look in different directions when focusing. If not detected and treated early, it could have had a permanent effect on her developing sight, even leading to lifelong vision loss.

Thankfully, with the help of our supporters, she received the surgery she needed by local doctors during an Orbis training program, and her sight was restored!

Your gift of $400 (matched to $800) can help restore the sight of a child with strabismus like Erekik.

Choose Your Best Gift Now to Save a Child's Sight

Right now, almost 90 million children around the world live with vision loss, including about two million boys and girls who are completely – but not irreversibly – blind.

But you can help. Rush your tax-deductible, year-end gift to Orbis by December 31 and you’ll have double the impact, helping to give the gift of sight to even more children experiencing vision loss this holiday season.

Any gift you choose will be DOUBLED to help restore the sight of little girls or boys experiencing vision loss, giving them a chance to grow up with healthy vision and see the world around them.

Together, we’ll continue working toward a future where no child has to grow up with preventable vision loss. Please, help restore a child’s vision today!


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