Savynna from Barbados is screened by Orbis Volunteer Faculty, Dr. Rudy Wagner

Dr. Wagner helps give Savynna a brighter future

Savynna is from Barbados and like many other 11 year olds is always full of energy and enjoys singing, dancing and playing sports. Despite continuously wearing her glasses, Savynna's strabismus (crossed eyes) wasn't getting any better.

As her eye condition worsened, she began getting bullied and being called names at school.

Fortunately, thanks to the generosity of Orbis supporters enabling our Flying Eye Hospital project on her Caribbean island to go ahead, Savynna’s story has a happy ending.

Savynna waits for surgery on our Flying Eye Hospital to correct her squint

Before surgery: Savynna experienced bullying because of her strabismus

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While our program was underway, Dr. Rudy Wagner, a long-time Orbis volunteer doctor and specialist in pediatric strabismus, examined Savynna at our partner Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Bridgetown and later performed sight-saving surgery on our aircraft.

At the same time, Dr. Wagner was able to train several local doctors in the specialized technique and improve their surgical skills.

Savynna at her post-strabismus surgery screening

After surgery: Savynna's future looks bright now she can see better

After undergoing surgery, Savynna shared: “The girls and the boys used to call me ‘cross eyes’ but now they can’t because my eyes are straight!”

This young girl’s future is bright and filled with joy and she hopes to one day work in non-profits and help others in her country.

It's all thanks to kindness and generosity of supporters like you that Savynna could get the vision-restoring surgery she needed to live her life free from bullying.

The good news is our wonderful supporters can still make the remarkable transformations like Savynnas possible every single day.

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