Help Children Like Rabi and Khushi Grow Up With Healthy Vision

Due to their poor vision, Rabi and Khushi had difficulty in school. Through Orbis programs that make eye care available in schools throughout India and Nepal, they were screened and given sight-correcting eyeglasses. Hear how our wonderful supporters gave these children and their families hope for the future.

Rabi's Story

Rabi would cry when his teacher asked him to read or write. When he told her he couldn’t see clearly, she moved him to the front of the classroom — but he still struggled.

Eyeglasses that only cost a few dollars — which Orbis provided free of charge thanks to generous people like you — corrected Rabi’s sight. And these lenses and frames have made a priceless impact on his life. This 7-year-old boy could have faced a life of poverty and dependence. But with healthy vision, he can keep up with his schoolwork and create his own bright future.

Rabi struggled in school because he had problems with his vision

All over the world, Orbis-supported in-school programs have made healthy sight possible for children. But with the COVID-19 pandemic forcing schools to close, kids like Rabi have struggled to get the eye care they need.

Thankfully for Rabi, an Orbis-trained eye health worker examined him at his school in Nepal before the pandemic. A few days later, he received his glasses — and he hasn’t taken them off since.

“Whenever the teachers ask to read and write, I can do it. I can read 1, 2, and kalam ‘ka!” said Rabi, who dreams of being a teacher or a police officer.

Uncorrected refractive errors — which caused Rabi’s poor eyesight — are the world’s leading cause of vision impairment. They occur when the eye does not bend light correctly, which causes images to appear blurred. Since 80% of learning is visual, these conditions can impede a child’s development.

Make Eye Care Everywhere Possible

Kids need your help

Khushi's Story

With so many schools closing and opportunities to continue our vital programs limited, our teams had to get creative.

Alongside our partner hospital, Akhand Jyoti Eye Hospital (AJEH), Orbis launched a mobile ophthalmologic clinic to make eye care available in one of India’s most remote regions, even when the schools were closed. On this “Vision Van,” we met a young girl named Khushi. Khushi's friend recognized that she suffered from watering eyes and headaches, so she insisted Khushi get her eyes checked.

Her first screening found that she suffered from a refractive error, and would need to return for a second screening. The AJEH team called Khushi’s mother to let her know about the second appointment, but Khushi did not show up. When a staff member noticed her absence, he visited her at home, an example of how Orbis staff and volunteers go above and beyond to make sure children receive crucial eye care.

He learned that Khushi’s grandmother was afraid that wearing glasses would hinder Khushi’s marriage prospects, so she didn't take her for screening. He persuaded her grandmother that healthy vision is essential to Khushi’s future and will make it possible for her to excel in school without debilitating headaches and blurred vision.

Khushi received a pair of eyeglasses which not only improved her vision, but cured her headaches. Now that she can focus on school, this determined teenager is planning a career in law enforcement.

Healthy Vision and Hope With Eye Care Everywhere!

A gift today can help make eye care available to more children and adults in rural India — so kids like Rabi and Khushi, who once struggled in school, can thrive and succeed.

And when you consider that every $1 invested in eye health in a country like India or Nepal, where many families live in poverty, yields $4 in economic gain, the generosity of our supporters is especially powerful!

Together we can deliver eye care everywhere.


Make Eye Care Available Everywhere For Kids Like Rabi and Khushi

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