Kat Saves Sight All Year Round As A Partner In Sight

August 2020

As a teacher and an Orbis Partner in Sight — one of Orbis's loyal monthly donors — ​Kat Corbett is passionate about transforming the lives of children through healthy sight.

Kat Corbett is a loyal monthly Orbis donor transforming lives all year long

Primary-grade teacher Kat is part of our special family of supporters changing lives with their monthly gifts

Kat has always cared deeply about helping children meet their potential. A primary-grade teacher, she founded her own school in Toronto and later moved it to Florida after a vacation there. “We realized we were living on the wrong end of the continent, weather-wise,” she jokes. “No more snowsuits!

For decades, Kat has volunteered with children—mentoring second graders, providing literacy activities in preschools, offering ballet classes in inner-city centers and homeless shelters, and teaching violin and languages in her own home.

She has also written for children, including a series of novels about a young dancer. Now, Kat is part of a special community of Partners in Sight, who are helping Orbis to fight avoidable blindness around the world.

Find out what it means to her to be a Partner in Sight.

You can join this group today and your first monthly gift will be instantly matched three times.

Three children impacted by vision problems in Trujillo, Peru

Kat's monthly gifts mean more children have the chance to live their lives with clear vision, independence and dignity


It will be tripled before August 31st!

Kat is excited that Orbis’s work, training eye teams to fight blindness in their own communities and improving the quality of eye care around the world, is now benefiting nearly three million children every year.

Too many children are growing up blind,” she says, “when their vision could so easily be restored. It’s such a waste of their potential!”

Her concern for literacy kicks in, too. “Without sight,” she says, “children can’t learn to read, as there aren’t schools for the blind in low-income countries. Remaining illiterate, they won’t get decent work and will be stuck with the lowest quality of life. Blindness is a terrible handicap.

This is why Kat supports our work helping to save countless people from losing their vision to a preventable cause and brightening their future by committing to a monthly donation.

All children deserve the chance to grow up healthy and happy," she reminds us.


You, too, can help children reach their potential by becoming a Partner in Sight and giving generously each month. “Be a turning point in their lives,” Kat says. “Anything you do for children affects their lives forever.”

You can join Kat and our special community of supporters fighting avoidable blindness and transforming so many lives — today, and long into the future.

And there’s never been a better time to deepen your commitment, because until August 31st, your first monthly gift will be instantly matched three times.

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