Kat Saves Sight Every Month as a Partner in Sight

Booklover, teacher, and Orbis Partner in Sight, Kat Corbett, one of our monthly donors, enjoys helping transform children's lives with healthy vision.

Kat Corbett is part of our special family of supporters changing lives with their monthly gifts.

Kat Corbett loves to lose herself in a good book, so she cherishes her eyesight. She has a condition for which she must take drops daily, and she’s thankful that works. She says, “I hate to think what my life would be like if I could no longer read!”

Eager to help children to experience the joy of reading, too, she founded her own primary school. When she retired, she enjoyed taking early-literacy activities into preschools as a volunteer. “As an educator,” Kat says, “I know that for children to maximize their education, they must become proficient and eager readers.”

That’s why she’s happy to support Orbis’s work with a monthly donation as a Partner in Sight. “Too many children are growing up blind,” she says, “when their vision could so easily be restored. Without sight, they can’t learn to read, as there are few, if any, schools for the blind in low-income countries. Remaining blind and illiterate, they won’t find work to support themselves and will have only the lowest quality of life.”

Kat’s monthly gifts mean that more children will have the chance to live their lives with clear vision, independence, and dignity.

Kat is glad to be a part of the solution as a Partner in Sight. “All children deserve the chance to grow up healthy,” she says, “and we can ensure that by contributing as we’re able.”

Monthly donations provide the reliable support that allows Orbis to take its training programs to places where quality eye care is scarce. Then the newly trained specialists will carry on the sight-saving work there for years to come.

Kat finds this idea exciting. “Smart thinking,” she says, “and I love feeling part of the action! Providing the clear vision children need to get an education is an investment in the future. Think of the discoveries and inventions they could grow up to contribute to the world—you could influence history by helping them succeed!”


Join Kat and Orbis – Become a Partner in Sight

Join Kat Corbett in helping children meet their potential by becoming a Partner in Sight. Your reliable monthly support will help us plan and deliver sight-saving projects around the world and make all the difference to children in need of eye health intervention in order to succeed in life.

“Be a turning point in their lives,” Kat says. “Anything you do for children affects their lives forever.”

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