Giving Thanks to You For Making Our Work Possible

While 2020 has brought many challenges for all of us, we at Orbis are beyond thankful. Today, we want to share how you’ve helped give sight to people who needed urgent eye care.

You've Helped Us Change Lives During a Difficult Year

This Thanksgiving, all of us at Orbis are grateful for you. In the midst of this upside-down year, we want you to know that you are loved and appreciated more than ever. By so many more than you know…

  • By little Marla in Mongolia, who would have suffered permanent vision loss had she not received surgery from an Orbis-trained doctor when she was 42 days old — and now she has healthy sight, and her future is bright...
  • By 11-year-old Vignesh in India, who thought he would be blind forever, but his vision was restored at a hospital supported by Orbis — and now he can play with the other kids and learn in school...
  • By Fakir in Bangladesh, who spent years suffering vision loss until he found help at an Orbis partner hospital — and now he can see his beautiful children clearly...

Your loving kindness has changed the direction of the lives of so many people. People who can reach their potential and live life to the fullest.

We Are Grateful for Supporters Like You

Orbis donors give people the chance to live their lives with clear vision, independence, and dignity. Kat Corbett is one of those donors. Kat, an elementary scool teacher and author cares deeply about helping children be all they can be.

“Too many children are growing up blind when their vision could so easily be restored. It’s such a waste of their potential! All children deserve the chance to grow up healthy and happy."

We are thankful for kind-hearted donors like Kat who want to change children's lives through the gift of sight.

Kat Corbett is a loyal monthly Orbis donor transforming lives all year long

Teacher Kat Corbett is a dedicated donor who helps Orbis fight avoidable blindness around the world.

More Wonderful Orbis Supporters Share What They're Thankful for This Thanksgiving

And finally a message from Kathy Ilyin, very proud Orbis supporter: "I’ve long supported Orbis, and now I believe in its mission more than ever. It feels great to support and be a part of this great cause".

Donate today!

Give a Thanksgiving gift today to restore sight.

Orbis Heroes Deliver Sight-Saving Care - Powered by You

We stand with you in giving thanks to those who safely delivered urgent eye care this year. It is through their hands that your desire for a world free from avoidable blindness becomes a reality…

  • For doctors like Dr. Helena Hurairah, who spent three months at a COVID-19 test center in Brunei, and now returned to her pediatric ophthalmology practice, restoring children's eyesight...
  • For nurses like Xiao Ying, who teaches other nurses about infection control through the ‘virtual’ Flying Eye Hospital, and helps them build their sight-saving skills...
  • For pilots like Bruce Johnson, who keeps the Flying Eye Hospital in a state of flight readiness — so when it's safe to return to the skies, the plane will be ready to help more patients around the world...

For all the dedicated professionals who help people see again, we thank them. Their work to save sight is fueled by the love and donations of Orbis supporters. And with the continued commitment of the entire Orbis family — including you — many more lives will be transformed.

We Need You in the Fight Against Avoidable Blindness

This Thanksgiving, please make a gift to help treat and prevent blindness in communities around the world. It can take just a few dollars to restore the sight of a person who can't afford eye health care.


Please give a Thanksgiving gift today to restore sight.

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