Cataract patient Nyamdorj pictured with his mother in Mongolia

Can you help a child in Mongolia achieve their full potential?

April 2019

Tuya, a mother of three from rural Mongolia, spent years — and the little savings she had — traveling to different doctors in the hope that one of them would cure her son’s vision problems.

One doctor gave her then five-year-old son Nyamdorj glasses, but it didn’t help much. That's because this little boy had cataracts in both his eyes, and only surgery would save his sight.

Three years later, his vision was only getting worse. When Nyamdorj was eight, Tuya heard that our Flying Eye Hospital was coming to her country’s capital city of Ulaanbaatar — and she knew she had to make it there. Tuya and her son traveled by bus for 24 hours across more than half of their country.

Nyamdorj being screened again by an Orbis eye doctor ahead of surgery

Many Mongolian children suffer from cataract — the country’s leading cause of blindness

Thanks to your generous support, Nyamdorj received surgery in one eye. But because the first surgery must heal before the second surgery can be performed, Tuya’s worries are not yet gone.

She is anxious to know if her precious son will have the cataract removed from his other eye and have full, healthy vision for the first time in his life.

With your support Nyamdorj will be able to receive the second surgery he needs to have his vision fully restored and achieve his full potential in life.

Can you help Nyamdorj achieve his full potential in life?

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Brave Nyamdorj smiling ahead of surgery

Nyamdorj smiling before cataract surgery

Your support means we can fight the epidemic of avoidable blindness in Mongolia and 17 other countries around the world.

We’ve been working in Mongolia since 1989, when our Flying Eye Hospital first landed there to train local eye doctors. Our work is focused on increasing the country’s access to high-quality and affordable eye care, especially for children.

Map of Mongolia where access to affordable and quality eye care is limited

Access to affordable eye care is limited due to a lack of training and equipment

Thanks to supporters like you we've been able to screen more than 97,000 Mongolian children — including over 1,000 babies at risk for retinopathy of prematurity, a blinding condition where a premature infant’s eyes do not develop properly.

Our Flying Eye Hospital was in Mongolia last year

And our Flying Eye Hospital project in Mongolia last year trained many local doctors and other eye health professionals — which means more children in this vast country will have access to quality vision care.

One of the doctors who has benefited from such training is qualified cataract ophthalmologist Dr. Enkhutshin. You can find out more how she is now sharing her new-found eye care skills with local doctors.

Nyamdorj with his mother after his first cataract surgery in Mongolia

With restored vision his dream of becoming a teacher will be within reach!

You can help us make bright futures possible for babies born prematurely and kids like Nyamdorj who are suffering with blinding cataracts.

Tuya is so grateful to you for giving her son the promise of vision. She says: “He wants to be a teacher when he grows up. All I hope is that he will be healthy and find his true way. I am really thankful for everything Orbis is doing! My son is the luckiest child to have this operation.

Nyamdorj with Orbis eye doctor after his first surgery

With your support we can train more doctors to fight blindness

He wants to be a teacher. All I hope is he will be healthy and find his true way. I am really thankful for everything Orbis is doing! My son is the luckiest child to have this operation.


Nyamdorj's mother

We hope their story inspires you to give the gift of sight to more children in Mongolia and all around the world.

A big thank you to all our wonderful supporters who help transform lives every day. We can't do it without your help.

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