"Seymour" the bear, a teddy bear donated to Orbis by OMEGA watches, sits on top of a suitcase with his back to camera looking at a soft focus Flying Eye Hospital.

Meet the bear with the best job ever!

Our volunteers fly all over the world to fight avoidable blindness. But, while they’re giving the gift of sight, there’s a particularly fluffy member of our team making a different kind of impact…

Seymour the Bear is Orbis’s mascot. Now, Seymour isn’t just any sort of bear. In fact, he’s one of the luckiest bears in the world. Because he gets to travel all over the globe, to be there for boys and girls recovering from sight-saving operations.

Seymour goes everywhere with our crew and Volunteer Faculty

It’s a big responsibility and Seymour counts himself lucky to do it. He told us, very proudly: “I have the best job in the world!”

Seymour has been a very important part of the team since we first embarked on our mission. Joining volunteers on our famous Flying Eye Hospital, he’s there to support children after their surgeries, and comfort them when they’re frightened, or in pain.

Orbis has given so many children the gift of sight over the years. Thanks to our state-of-the-art operating facilities on board, we’re able to treat blinding conditions like trachoma and cataracts, and train eye teams in countries where treatment isn’t accessible.

The work we do is truly life-changing, for both children and their parents. So, when kids come round after their operations, their first glimpses of the world are often emotional, and a bit overwhelming.

Mariya sleeps with Seymour every night and squashes him during the day

Seymour is always there to give them a comforting hug when they wake up. In fact, he’s often the first thing they see. From then on, he’s a huge part of their recovery – making them smile and playing with them, as they head home to start the new chapter of their lives.

I love being there for kids when they start to get their sight back. It’s so exciting watching them see the world again!” he said.

As well as being an expert in hugs and cuddles Seymour is also training to be a pilot

When the plane is on the ground, Seymour makes time to help us on our mission to stamp out avoidable blindness for good. He accompanies us to global conferences and meets our dedicated partners and supporters (he even met Cindy Crawford at the launch of our MD-10).

Seymour has been there to comfort so many little patients – who could have lost their vision without sight-saving surgery. But he, and the rest of the Orbis family, couldn’t do what they do without your kindness.

With your help, we hope to prevent even more people from going needlessly blind in the future (and give Seymour a few more rides in the cockpit if he’s been good…)

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