Father embraces his daughter.

Simul Can Play

Four-year-old Simul has had a very difficult childhood. His mother and father left him when he was only a small baby, and he was raised by his grandmother. At an early age, he began to have difficulty seeing. His grandmother heard about an eye health outreach program happening in their town and took Simul to be examined.

Simul was diagnosed with a cataract, but during that time he couldn’t have an operation because of the financial strain on his grandmother.

Nearly two years later, the Deep Eye Care Foundation based in his town of Randpur began a pediatric eye care project in partnership with Orbis. Simul was able to receive a cataract operation as a result of the new program.

Before the operation, he spent his days lonely at home. With his sight restored, he is able to play with his friends, and his grandmother looks forward to sending him to school.

Simul's grandmother

Thank you for restor­ing my grandson’s vision. He could see noth­ing before, but now he can see. That’s a great gift.

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