Defining Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Orbis

Diversity: We recognize that diversity includes differences across various visible and invisible dimensions, such as race, sex and gender, disability, sexual orientation, ethnicity, nationality, age, physical ability as well as personal life, educational and work experiences, geographic and socioeconomic roots, plus differences like thinking and communication styles, cultural knowledge, language abilities, and religious or spiritual perspectives. We value and embrace these differences as catalysts for innovation, enabling us to better understand the needs of diverse communities and implement sustainable solutions.

Equity: Equity is the fair treatment of all people according to their respective needs and the historic constructs and constraints associated with particular groups of people. This may include equal treatment or treatment that is different by group but is equivalent in terms of rights, benefits, obligations, and opportunities. By addressing the root cause of disparities in access to quality eye care, we aim to transform the lives of individuals, families, and communities by saving and restoring sight. (Adapted from ACDI/VOCA Gender Equality and Social Inclusion Policy (2020) Glossary of Terms and Mercy Corps’ Gender Equality, Diversity and Social Inclusion Strategy 2020-2023, Glossary of Terms)

Inclusion: We are committed to fostering an inclusive workplace that leverages diversity to create a fair, equitable, healthy, and high-performing organization where all individuals are respected feel engaged and motivated and know their contributions toward meeting organizational and societal goals are valued.

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