Heroes of Orbis: Angela Purcell

Angela first joined our Volunteer Faculty back in 2012. Now, as Associate Director of Nursing for the Flying Eye Hospital Angela leads our nursing training programs, sharing her passion for infection control and saving sight with the next generation of nurses around the world.

Angela Purcell, Orbis Head Nurse, aboard the Flying Eye Hospital

Angela Purcell is the Associate Director of Nursing for the Flying Eye Hospital.

Angela’s journey to nursing began the day she was a patient for the first time. Inspired by the care she received, she decided to leave her legal career behind and make the switch to nursing.

While training at Moorfields Eye Hospital in London more than two decades ago, Angela had a chance encounter with Orbis at a conference which sparked her interest, but the timing was never right: I promised myself:One day, when I'm a qualified ophthalmic nurse, I will give freely of my services to this organization’”. Fast forward to 2012, and she decided to bite the bullet and apply to join our Volunteer Faculty:

Angela Purcell

Associate Director of Nursing for the Flying Eye Hospital

As luck would have it, a few months lat­er, I was fly­ing inter­na­tion­al­ly to join the Fly­ing Eye Hos­pi­tal team as a vol­un­teer scrub nurse in 2012. I thought as I flew across the Indi­an Ocean, at long last, my dream has come true!”

Her dream became reality when just a few months after this she was appointed as Orbis’s Head Nurse. During her time with Orbis, Angela has travelled the world, sharing her knowledge and passion for infection control and emergency preparedness in patient care – two topics that have become ever more important during the pandemic.

Angela’s understanding of the importance of these areas has contributed to the Flying Eye Hospital achieving AAAASF accreditation, the gold standard for patient safety—something we are all incredibly proud of.

Angela Purcell, Orbis Head Nurse, aboard the Flying Eye Hospital

Angela's passion and dedication for infection control helps the Flying Eye Hospital maintain its world-leading status

During the pandemic, face-to-face training was temporarily put on hold, but this didn't stop Angela. She led her team to transform their approach and move training programs online, making use of our telemedicine platform Cybersight to ensure we continued to support our partners throughout the pandemic.

Angela Purcell

Associate Director of Nursing for the Flying Eye Hospital

Vir­tu­al train­ing is a great way to reach every­one glob­al­ly. Also, the Fly­ing Eye Hos­pi­tal team, and my team of nurs­es have always been a close-knit team. A lot of vis­i­tors to the plane will see us and think we look like a fam­i­ly, and that real­ly is the truth.”

Mentoring others to develop in their practice is something that brings Angela great joy. She tells us what she finds so rewarding about this is seeing others progress, build their confidence, and most importantly of all, take on the role of trainer themselves!

Angela’s passion for her work shines through when we speak to her I am a nurse after all, and we always tell from the heart”, she tells us.

We couldn’t do what we do without you Angela – your dedication and exemplary leadership are helping us transform patient care across the globe.

Angela Purcell

Associate Director of Nursing for the Flying Eye Hospital

One day, I had to go to the hos­pi­tal as a patient, and I was so inspired by the nurs­es. See­ing the care, they gave me, I thought that was some­thing I’d like to do, so I end­ed up chang­ing careers. I was fas­ci­nat­ed by oph­thalmic nurs­ing. I thought, Wow! This is unbe­liev­able.’ I also felt empa­thy towards the peo­ple who had sight prob­lems or who were par­tial­ly or com­plete­ly blind – as I do believe that sight is one of the most pre­cious gifts to behold.”

We want to say a big thank you to Angela. Your extraordinary commitment and dedication means we're able to save sight all over the world — even during the pandemic.

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