Giving Tuesday match challenge: Kids like Netsanet need you

This Giving Tuesday your gift will be doubled, up to $98,000, to help save the sight – and change the lives – of many more children like Netsanet.

9-year-old strabismus patient Netsanet sits on a hospital bed ahead of surgery during a training program in Hawassa, Ethiopia

Netsanet, 9, got the care she needed thanks to Orbis supporters

This Giving Tuesday, meet Netsanet, a nine-year-old girl we were introduced to at our recent training program in Hawassa, Ethiopia. A few months after she was born, her mother noticed her eyes were misaligned and looked in different directions.

Her father told us that school was challenging; she had trouble playing with other kids because of her eyes. He said, “The kids would make fun of her all the time, and she would usually cry and worry about it.”

Sadly, that’s the case for so many children with strabismus. Not only can a child lose vision in their affected eye, but they're also at risk of being teased or socially isolated.

And that’s why your Giving Tuesday contribution is so important. Your gift now will be doubled, up to $98,000, to help save the sight – and change the lives – of many more children like Netsanet.

Your donation today will support critical training programs for local eye teams all over the world, like our recent training in Ethiopia. At this week-long program, Orbis’s Volunteer Faculty worked alongside local doctors to perform dozens of strabismus surgeries in children.

It was through this program that Netsanet’s vision was corrected, so that she has a future of healthy sight – and be accepted at school.

At the same time, local doctors got the skills they needed to treat hundreds or even thousands of other children just like Netsanet!

That’s how your gift is magnified.

Netsanet awaits surgery for strabismus during an Orbis training program in Hawassa, Ethiopia

First, your generous Giving Tuesday contribution will be matched dollar-for-dollar by a generous supporter of Orbis.

Second, your gift will be used to train local eye teams to care for people in their own communities on an ongoing basis. Instead of helping a few children at a time, we’re empowering local eye teams with the skills they need every day!

There's never been a better time to give and make twice the impact in the fight against avoidable blindness – so please make your special contribution before this challenge ends!


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