Since 2020, Santen Pharmaceutical Co. has partnered with Orbis to help prevent avoidable blindness and vision loss around the world. Through a ten-year partnership, Orbis and Santen will improve access to quality eye care in communities around the world, with a focus on digital ophthalmic training and awareness raising, particularly in Asia.

Thanks to Santen, Orbis has recently launched Chinese language courses on Cybersight.

During the initial three years of the ten-year partnership, Santen and Orbis – through Orbis's award-winning telemedicine platform, Cybersight, which reaches eye care professionals in over 200 countries and regions have carried out the following activities:

  • Provided quality residency training and growing ophthalmologists' expertise in glaucoma, thereby strengthening skills that are critical to protecting vision and providing quality patient care, in China, India, and Vietnam
  • Developed a new glaucoma-detection artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm that will help screen patients for glaucoma
  • Developed and translated online courses, videos, and other training materials in Vietnamese and Mandarin
  • Invested in research that aims to quantify the importance of eye health, including how improved care and better vision can affect quality of life

By adding to the growing body of educational resources available in languages beyond English, Santen and Orbis are expanding the number of eye care professionals – and by extension, their patients – benefitting from this collaboration.

Derek Hodkey, Kim Goldsmith-N'Diaye and the Orbis Vietnam team attended a Santen project with partners from Hanoi Medical University and Pham Ngoc Thach University of Medicine in May 2023.

This partnership brings together two global leaders in eye health to ensure that eye care professionals and their patients will continue to benefit from the latest knowledge and technology. Virtual solutions that allow for distance learning and connection have never been more important. Santen and Orbis believe in a world where everyone has access to quality eye care and where no one is blind or visually impaired due to avoidable causes. We join forces to improve people's quality of life through the gift of sight.

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