Eye-care talks

eye care talkOrbis strives to work together with schools and organize eye-care talks to students on how to take care of their precious eyes, as well as to arouse their social consciousness by involving in community services and to nurture a positive and caring attitude.

The school talks will be carried out in an interesting way which will cater the various needs of students. For kindergarten (K2 and K3) as well as primary students, we will raise the issue on global blindness and convey the correct eye-care message. As for secondary and tertiary students, we will inspire them in various ways to bring light to the blind in developing countries.

Eye-care talks can be arranged from Monday to Friday, 9:30am to 5:30pm.

Please download and fill in the application form, and fax it back to us by 2877-1297 at least a month before the proposed date, and we will confirm with the teacher once received the form.

Download link of Application Form

For queries, please contact:

Tel: 2508-7026 (Theodora)
Email: student@hk.orbis.org