Donating stocks and Securities as Charitable Contributions

Orbis graciously accepts stocks and securities as charitable contributions.  Please follow the instructions below for making a gift of this kind:

Electronic Transfers: If your financial services provider holds securities (including mutual funds) for your account, ask that the securities be electronically transferred to either of the following broker where Orbis (a.k.a. “Project Orbis International”) has an active account:

  • Brokerage Name: Morgan Stanley Smith Barney
  • For the Benefit of: Project Orbis International, Inc.
Orbis Account Number 476-081362-064
Broker DTC Number 0015

Contact: Account Transfers Department:

  • Telephone number: 201-830-7870
  • Fax number: 201-604-6190

The gift is complete on the date that the stock is instructed to be transferred to the Orbis broker.  The value of your gift will be the mean value of the stock on the transfer instruction date.

Please notify us when you have made your gift of stock so we can track your gift and thank you as soon as possible.  Please contact Stephanie Huggins, Development Associate, at 646.674.5576 or