Orbis China

Since establishing an office in Beijing in 1999, Orbis China has helped create quality, affordable, and accessible eye care for rural communities, particularly in western China’s remote ethnic minority areas.

With offices in Shanghai and Beijing, Orbis is recognized as a leading blindness prevention organization and considered by the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness and other non-governmental organizations as one of the most capable, effective, and professional sight-saving organizations in China.

The non-profit organization is also recognized by the Chinese Ministry of Health as a key partner in eye care which led to collaborating on the largest study of blindness in China's rural areas.

Volunteers help the smooth running of Orbis China's operations.

In 1982, the Orbis Flying Eye Hospital first landed in China for an ophthalmic training project in Guangzhou. Since then, the plane has visited over 40 times. In 1994, the then Chinese leader Jiang Zemin met with and recognized Orbis's achievements in China, and wrote the inscription "ORBIS in China" on his hand.

Orbis International also donated the retired Orbis first-generation Flying Eye Hospital DC-8 to the China Aerospace and Aviation Museum, which is still its home today.

Focus Areas - Skills Building

From remote towns to cities, Orbis China is committed to providing equipment and knowledge to help patients with preventable eye conditions regain their sight through partnerships with local hospitals.

Given its huge population size, China faces a lack of qualified ophthalmic medical personnel in rural areas. Since 2000, the focus of Orbis's work has been to expand long-term projects to train eye care professionals and enhance surgical knowledge to ensure continuous, high-quality, affordable patient care.

Eye teams gather on the Flying Eye Hospital for a training project in Shenyang in 2016.

Over the past three decades, Orbis has launched 230 medical training projects in 32 provinces, municipalities, and autonomous regions in China, with more than 70,000 ophthalmic medical workers and rural medical staff receiving training from Orbis Volunteer Faculty. Overall, these projects have benefitted millions of Chinese residents.

Get in Touch with Orbis China

Phone number: (+86) 21 5254 1250

Address: 7G Suite,
No. 1208,
South Xizang Rd,
Soochow Securities Building,
Huangpu District,

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