Children Need Healthy Eyes!

Orbis is a world leader in the fight against avoidable blindness. Your donation is urgently needed to train doctors to perform vision-saving surgery for children around the globe. Give a child the healthy eyes and bright future she deserves with your gift now.

Now She Can See Because of Orbis Supporters!

When Vaishnavi started stumbling and not playing like she usually did, doctors diagnosed her with a cataract that could steal away her sight forever. But the cheerful young girl received life-changing treatment by Orbis trained doctors the very next day—and now she can see!

More than ninety million children and adolescents live with vision loss, among them two million kids who are completely—but often not irreversibly—blind.

It is a global crisis, and one that Orbis works to eliminate every day, thanks to friends like you. Every single donation from our supporters makes a vital difference.

Correcting vision impairment in children is among the most important work of Orbis—and has long-lasting impacts. By restoring vision in infants, children, and young adults, you are helping reclaim decades-worth of eyesight.

Dr. Donny Suh, an ophthalmologist and Orbis Volunteer Faculty, conducts a screening before Vaishnavi's cataract surgery

If you’re able, also consider beginning a monthly pledge and partnering with Orbis as a Partner in Sight. With your monthly gift, you’ll have an ongoing impact every month for kids like Vaishnavi.

As a Partner In Sight, you’ll help protect countless children and adults from losing their vision to preventable causes.

Will you pledge your monthly gift to help more children like Vaishnavi?

Whichever way you choose to give, please know that by standing with Orbis today, you’re making an enormous difference for children all over the world—unleashing their potential by helping them to grow up with healthy vision so each can claim an even brighter future. Thank you!

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