Trinh in her bedroom after her operation to correct strabismus

Vietnam: Trinh's Journey to Clear Sight

Looking at 15-year-old Trinh now, you would never know that she had undergone surgery on both eyes. However prior to her operation, a serious collision with a truck had left her with a severe case of strabismus, which made it very difficult for her to see.

See How Her Life Was Transformed...

Before Trinh's operation on the Flying Eye Hospital

Prior to surgery, children at Trinh’s school would tease her for how her eyes looked, she told us: “They mocked me about my crossed-eyes and called me all sorts of names. When I talked to someone and looked at them, they thought that I was looking at someone else, so they refused to answer me.”

Trinh having her eyes checked before her operation to correct strabismus

So when she was told that Orbis’s Flying Eye Hospital was coming to Binh Dinh province, where Trinh and her family live, she jumped at the chance to attend the screening day.

Trinh sat in her house following a successful operation to correct strabismus

She was selected to have surgery with Dr. Wagner that week, and the operation was a complete success! The difference it has made is remarkable. It has straightened her eyes out – enabling them to work together, which has improved her vision dramatically. And now she can’t stop smiling!

Trinh from Vietnam pictured in her school attire

Prior to Trinh’s operation, her poor vision meant that her teacher would have to walk her to school each day. However now she can see the way, she’s able to enjoy walking there with her friends.

Trinh's classroom in the Binh Dinh Province of Vietnam

Her life at school has dramatically changed too. She told us: “Books, notebooks and the board are also clearer. I don’t feel frustrated anymore!” And her classmates’ attitude to her has changed too: “My friends joked and said ‘you’re getting pretty eyes now! Nobody will call you cross-eyes anymore!’”

Trinh can cook at home now her sight is restored

Before surgery, her parents also wouldn’t allow her to help with any of the housework or cooking. But now she enjoys helping out around the house and cooking for her family.

Trinh standing with her family following her sight-saving operation

Her entire family are over the moon about Trinh’s operation. Her father told us: “I just hope she can have more happiness in her life. That alone is what my wife and I hope for… a brighter future.” As we leave Trinh’s house, her parting words confirm her father’s hopes for her: “I feel really happy.” she tells us, and surely, that’s the most important thing.

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