Orbis staff and partners on the frontline of the pandemic

Click on a country to see how Orbis and our partners are working on the frontlines of the pandemic to help protect people from the virus and ensure emergency eye care can continue.


United Kingdom

Dr. Andrew Choyce, Orbis Staff Anesthesiologist is now using his specialist skills to help people on the frontline of the pandemic.Having worked with us for 15 years many here at Orbis know him personally, and can testify to his commitment to helping others, even in the face of great uncertainty and risk.

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Xiao Ying has helped put together an article on the role of nursing infection control in hospital settings during COVID-19 that will soon be published in a peer-reviewed medical journal. The tips cover everything from the proper use of PPE to setting up hospital zones to reduce the risk of spreading infection.

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Many of our partners are doing amazing work to help local communities fight the pandemic AND ensure vital emergency eye care can continue. Click the markers to find out more.

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Latin America and the Caribbean


Long time Orbis partner, Dr. Luz Gordillo, continues to care for premature babies at risk of blindess due to Retinopathy of Prematurity. Dr. Gordillo is putting her own health on the line to help ensure these babies don't live a life of blindness - unnecessarily.

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Fundraising Offices

Akhand Jyoti Eye Hospital

Based in Bihar, India, they giving out relief packages to local communities to ensure families don't go hungry. They are also educating people about the best way to control the virus, encouraging social distancing and hand washing. They are creating awareness about the signs and symptoms of COVID-19 and have handed out more than 6,000 masks.

Susrut Eye Foundation and Research Center

Based in Kolkata, India, this partner is bringing emergency eye care to the doorstep of patients who need it most through their ‘Reach Out For Eye Emergency’ program.

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