Saving Sight with Cybersight

Little Sarnai had a rare tumor of the eyelid. Cybersight bridged the thousands of miles between her doctor in Mongolia and an Orbis Volunteer Faculty in the US, helping Sarnai’s surgery be a success.

Your gift today will help train doctors around the world, bringing give the gift of sight to more children like Sarnai.

Saving Sight With Cybersight

Little Sarnai traveled 6 hours from her home in rural Mongolia to Dr. Battsetseg’s clinic where she was diagnosed with a rare tumor of the eyelid. To heal her sight, her doctor turned to Cybersight. Cybersight bridged the thousands of miles between her doctor in Mongolia and Dr. Ron Pelton, part of Orbis’s Volunteer Faculty, in Colorado Springs, CO, helping Sarnai’s surgery be a complete success.

Will you give other children like Sarnai the gift of sight by making a gift today? You’ll help Orbis train doctors around the world, so little patients like Sarnai get the care they need to grow up with healthy vision!

Choose a gift to help restore sight worldwide so children like Sarnai can grow up with healthy vision and brighter futures.

More than ninety million children and adolescents live with vision loss, among them two million kids who are completely—but often not irreversibly—blind.

An innovative pillar of Orbis’s approach to meeting this growing need is Cybersight, our award-winning telemedicine platform and ever growing resource library. Through Cybersight, which is freely available to all eye health professionals, Orbis eliminates geographic barriers to train global eye care teams.

Through Cybersight, Orbis reaches places where a physical presence isn’t always possible. Our Volunteer Faculty experts can teach and mentor eye care professionals like Dr. Battsetseg virtually, helping diagnose and treat patients anywhere.

That means better treatment for patients in remote areas. It means vision—and lives—saved.

Donate Today

If you’re able, also consider beginning a monthly pledge and partnering with Orbis as a Partner in Sight. With your monthly gift, you’ll have an ongoing impact every month for kids like Sarnai.

As a Partner In Sight, you’ll help protect countless children and adults from losing their vision to preventable causes. You’ll expand access to the materials and training doctors need to save sight in Mongolia and around the globe.

Whichever way you choose to give, please know that by standing with Orbis today, you’re making an enormous difference for children like Sarnai—reaching doctors anywhere there’s an internet or mobile phone connection and providing the training and resources they need to save their smallest patients’ sight. Thank you!

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