Little Marla Saved From A Lifetime Of Darkness

Little Marla was born in Mongolia with congenital cataracts. Like her parents and grandmother before her, she seemed destined for a lifetime of severely impaired vision.

Instead, at only 42 days old, Marla got the surgery she needed to save her sight. A local pediatric ophthalmologist, Dr. Shamsiya Murat, had received training from Orbis – so she had the skills needed to perform the sight-saving surgery.

Slideshow: Marla back in October 2018

Marla is one of millions of children whose lives have been forever changed because of Orbis’s sight-saving work and supporters just like you. By treating and preventing blindness around the world, we’re transforming lives every day.

Marla is now a happy, healthy girl thanks to people like you

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At Orbis, we believe that nobody should live with blindness simply because they were born in a place without access to eye care.

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