Nathan's sight was saved through the power of love

Since he was very young, Nathan struggled with his eyesight. His loving parents sought treatment, going from hospital to hospital to save their son from a lifetime of impaired vision. After a three-year search, Nathan received treatment at an Orbis Flying Eye Hospital program – now he has a bright future in store!

When Nathan was just three weeks old, his parents, Nathan, Sr., and Phoebe, noticed his eyes appeared to look in different directions, especially when he tried to focus.

Worried for their infant’s sight, the parents took Nathan to their local hospital in western Ghana. There, they were told that Nathan’s vision would eventually correct on its own. But as time passed and Nathan grew, his vision didn’t improve. So, the family embarked on a difficult and heartrending journey together to save Nathan’s sight …

Nathan had a relatively rare form of strabismus, a condition which often occurs in childhood that causes the eyes to look in different directions when focusing. Strabismus can lead to a lifetime of vision problems if not treated properly … it can even cause permanent blindness in one or both eyes.

Nathan’s parents were determined to find a solution for their son’s developing sight. Phoebe recalled, “for us, anything that we have to do to get our son’s sight corrected, we are for it.” They loved the little boy dearly and spent the next two years seeking out care to correct his sight.

Nathan and his parents meet with the Orbis team to discuss his surgery.

Nathan is a happy young boy, who loves learning numbers and the alphabet, as well as singing traditional Ghanian songs to himself, but his parents felt he was developing more slowly, compared to his sisters. He stumbled often and would sometimes need his head tilted to fully see something in front of him. His parents remembered, “at times when you look at him, he’ll not see anything.”

They grew more and more concerned about their child’s sight and redoubled their efforts to find a permanent treatment.

Finally, after nearly three years of seeking, they were excited to learn that Orbis would conduct a Flying Eye Hospital program in Accra, where they had been taking Nathan regularly for doctor visits.

They believed Orbis could provide the corrective surgery he needed – and set him on the path to a future of healthy vision.

The Orbis team works with local eye care providers to give Nathan corrective surgery.

After meeting with Orbis doctors and learning that Nathan was an excellent candidate for surgery to correct his strabismus, Nathan’s parents were elated and felt an enormous sense of relief. “I found so much peace within my heart, and I know everything will be fine,” his mother recalled.

Through our Flying Eye Hospital program, Orbis staff and members of our Volunteer Faculty trained local eye health providers to correct Nathan’s sight. As a result of treating Nathan, those local eye teams learned skills that they can use to treat other children across Ghana, ensuring more kids like Nathan can receive the sight-saving care they need.

Nathan’s surgery was a success! Now this fun-loving toddler can enjoy a future of clear, healthy eyesight.

His parents continue to be grateful to Orbis – and the generous supporters who make our work possible – for restoring their son’s vision. They are excited to spend time together as a family and beyond thrilled at the newfound potential for Nathan to thrive. Phoebe says, “he’s going to be a great person in the future, for that I know.”

Nathan's father holds him after surgery. His family is excited for Nathan's future of healthy vision!

Love is a powerful force. Nathan’s parents’ commitment to caring for him, and their perseverance, ultimately helped Nathan to reclaim his sight. Now they can see the beautiful sights of the world together!

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