The other kids would make fun of Netsanet all the time...

When Netsanet was just a few months old, her mother noticed that her eyes were misaligned. At school, she had trouble playing with other children and was teased. But recently, she received sight-saving surgery to correct her strabismus. Thanks to friends like you, she now has a future of healthy sight ahead!

We met nine-year-old Netsanet at our recent training program in Hawassa, Ethiopia. It was clear she had a condition called strabismus, which causes the eyes to look in different directions when focusing.

Over time, strabismus can have a permanent impact on vision and can even cause blindness in the affected eye. At the same time, children with strabismus are at higher risk of anxiety and depression. As her father told us, “The kids would make fun of her all the time, and she would usually cry and worry about it.”

But recently, Netsanet had surgery to correct her vision thanks to our amazing team of Volunteer Faculty. She now has a lifetime of healthy vision ahead – and can join in with her school friends without being teased.

This couldn’t have happened without friends like you. Make your generous donation today to help provide sight-saving and life-changing vision care to vulnerable children and people worldwide.

Training Local Eye Care Providers

Orbis Volunteer Faculty Dr. Dan Neely screening young strabismus patient Netsanet surrounded by eye care teams during a training program in Hawassa, Ethiopia

Volunteer Faculty Dr. Daniel Neely assess Netsanet prior to surgery, observed by local eye care providers in Hawassa, Ethiopia.

When Orbis’s Volunteer Faculty members arrived in Hawassa, no eye care providers were able to treat kids with strabismus like Netsanet; the need for pediatric care was great.

So, over the course of five days, our Volunteer Faculty members, Dr. Daniel Neely and Dr. Andrew Choyce, worked alongside local providers to give them the training and tools they needed to perform pediatric strabismus surgery.

Three ophthalmologists and ten anesthesia local hospital staff received hands-on training and opportunities to participate, while six residents had an opportunity to observe.

As Dr. Neely says, It's not just delivering direct care of people and patients; it is [about] creating a skill that can be replicated and that becomes magnified at this exponential effect. We might operate on twenty-five people this week but if we teach [local providers] to do what we are doing this week then they may go to operate on five hundred or a thousand patients with the same condition.”

Volunteer Faculty Dr. Neely provides hands-on training to ophthalmologists in Hawassa, Ethiopia.

You Can Provide a Lifetime of Healthy Sight

Together, we can make sure that no one lives a life of unnecessary blindness, just because of where they were born.

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