Kumaran smiles in a forest.

A Chain Reaction of Vision

Thanks to the generous support of caring people like you, Orbis trains eye health professionals around the world so they can save sight in their communities. And sometimes, the patients themselves go on to help others.

Kumaran, a 17-year-old student in India, struggled in school because of his blurry vision. He couldn’t see the blackboard or practice writing without making mistakes. Studying was difficult, so his exam marks were lower than he wanted.

There are lots of problems I faced, like [I was] unable to study, not able to play, and everything I was doing in a very wrong way,” Kumaran told us. His eyes were irritated, too. “I faced redness in my eyes, iciness in eyes.”

Things changed for Kumaran when he received a free eye screening at school thanks to Orbis’s REACH program. REACH, which stands for Refractive Error Among CHildren, has changed the lives of millions of children throughout India and Nepal by bringing eye screenings and glasses directly to the classroom.

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Because of the intervention at his school, Kumaran was referred to a hospital in Chennai for a higher level of ophthalmic care. There, he received a laser treatment in his right eye. He also received a pair of glasses, with frames he chose himself.

“Now I am able to see everything very clearly. Everything is like normal.” – Kumaran

At last, Kumaran could see his teacher’s lessons on the blackboard, his books, and the faces of his family and friends. He saw something else, too: another child in need.

A Second Child’s Life Transformed

Kumaran’s neighbor, a young girl, was having some of the same problems he used to have.

“She used to keep her hands in her eyes always,” he told us, and she held books very close to her eyes when studying.

Kumaran talked to her family and encouraged them to get her eyes checked. They took his advice, and it turned out that she had a refractive error. Now she has her own pair of glasses, and a much brighter future.

Start Your Own Chain Reaction

At Orbis, we know that stories like this begin with our generous supporters – and we are so very grateful. You make it possible for eye health workers to help millions of children like Kumaran, giving them a chance for a better life and inspiring them to pay it forward to countless others. The impact from the gift of sight goes on and on and on.

You can spark a chain reaction right now by making a sight-saving gift to Orbis. Please donate today!

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