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Many people have delayed regular check-ups due to the COVID-19 pandemic. And with increased time indoors and the eye strain from more and more time in front of screens, evidence suggests eye conditions are progressing faster.

At Orbis, we're on a mission to prevent avoidable blindness. Please help by pledging to get your eyes checked in 2022.

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Around the world, 1 billion people are living with avoidable vision loss. Don’t let yourself or your loved ones become part of this statistic. If you don’t take care of your eyes, you could miss some of life’s most important moments...

Take the Pledge for Kisan and Shashant

Kisan and Shashant know firsthand how critical getting your eyes checked is. These two brothers' lives were changed forever by a simple screening!

The 12- and 10-year-olds from Biratnagar, Nepal had trouble seeing at a distance. Because of their impaired vision, they became discouraged and checked out at school and at home. As time went by, their condition worsened—so much so that they were nearly classified as blind.

The clock was ticking. Kisan and Shashant desperately needed vision screenings.

Ensure millions of people around the world get the eye care they deserve


Thanks to Orbis supporters like you, they got them. The screenings were offered free of charge through the Refractive Error Among Children (REACH) program, which brings eye care directly to children in schools. Kisan and Shashant were diagnosed with high myopia—or near-sightedness—and prescribed their first pairs of eyeglasses.

Shashant from Nepal writes on the whiteboard

Shashant dreams of becoming a doctor

Their sister Juli noted that while Shashant could see a little bit, Kisan couldn’t see at all. Since receiving their new glasses, however, both boys have been thriving! As Shashant recently said, “All the difficulties are no more. I can see anything, I can see things at a far distance.”

Kisan now enjoys playing cricket without being teased by his friends. “Before, when I played cricket, when they threw the ball towards me, I could not see it,” he said. “The ball would pass near me but I could not see and my friends used to tease me for this.

Kisan can play cricket much more easily with his sight restored

With their sight restored, Kisan dreams of becoming a scientist while Shashant wants to pay it forward by becoming a doctor.

Their teacher, Ms. Karki, said: “[Orbis] is doing a fabulous job. There are many children like Kisan and Shasant who feel like doing a lot in their life but cannot because of their socioeconomic condition and [Orbis] gives them the opportunity to do what they want in the future.

Promise to Love Your Eyes In 2022

Thanks to incredible supporters like you, we’ve been able to transform many futures around the world. While we’re so grateful for your generosity, we don’t want you to forget about taking care of your own future.

Loving your eyes is not just about going to a doctor when you suspect an issue. It’s about taking care of yourself and your loved ones proactively so you never have to miss life’s magical moments. One simple way to do that is to book your next eye exam.

Take the pledge now—healthy sight can’t wait!

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