Hakeema won't ever be teased about her eyes...

Hakeema was treated for strabismus at a Flying Eye Hospital program in Ghana, just before her second birthday. Now, she’ll grow up with healthy vision … and she won’t have to experience the anxiety and depression that impacts many children with vision impairment.

Hakeema's Story

Little Hakeema was too young to realize that she might be treated differently than other children because of her strabismus, an eye condition that caused her eyes to look in two different directions when focusing.

But her mother, Sumaiyah, understood all too well: "People didn’t understand her condition, so they [thought] maybe I did something wrong during my pregnancy, that is why she came out with that condition. It was just out of societal judgement, that’s why I didn’t want to send her to school … It is quite difficult…."

Now, research by Orbis shows just how difficult it can be: children with vision impairments like strabismus and myopia are more likely to experience anxiety and depression than other children.

In addition, negative attitudes about strabismus emerge as early as six years of age, making children vulnerable to teasing and social isolation from their peers.

The good news? When children like Hakeema get the treatment they need, they’re less likely to experience depression and anxiety.

Thanks to the generous supporters like you, Hakeema will grow up with a lifetime of healthy vision. She’ll be able to attend school and thrive alongside her peers.

And for her mother, who is a kindergarten teacher and understands the importance of education, this is a tremendous gift: “I feel really great and happy, seriously. So, thank you guys very much for the good works you are doing. I really appreciate it. I see a very good future for her.”

Helping Khang Learn at School

Khang can now see clearly in class.

Khang is so committed to his studies, he didn’t even want to miss school for his surgery on board the Flying Eye Hospital!

Today, six-year-old Khang will tell you that literature and math are his favorite subjects – and that math is “easy”. He’s a bright child with a bright future, and that’s thanks to people like you.

You see, Khang’s vision was impacted by ptosis and strabismus, which, if left untreated, could even lead to legal blindness in the affected eye. Only in nursery school at the time, it wasn’t clear to Khang’s parents how much he was struggling with his vision.

But to get treatment, they would have to travel hundreds of miles to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, which the family couldn’t afford. Then, they found out that the Flying Eye Hospital would be coming to their city!

During the Flying Eye Hospital project, Khang received the treatment he needed to correct his vision and make sure that he could stay on track with his studies.

Your donation today will help children like
Khang learn all they can at school.


The Data Is In

Recent studies by Orbis show how important it is to treat myopia, strabismus and other vision impairments in children. Treatment means kids can learn and participate equally in school and means kids don’t have to needlessly experience anxiety and depression.

In the countries where we are work, like Vietnam and Ghana, children are disproportionally living with vision impairments that are easily treated in the U.S.


Provide children with the sight-saving care they need.

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