Orbis End of Year Appeal: Megha was diagnosed with amblyopia lazy eye

World Sight Day 2021 #LoveYourEyes: Megha's Story

This World Sight Day, we're highlighting the importance of getting your eyes tested. For children like Megha in Nepal, a routine eye exam & simple lenses do more than just correct her vision. Without them she would have been destined to a life of missed opportunities. Find out how her life has been transformed thanks to good eye care.

As we mark World Sight Day 2021, we're reminded of all the other children and adults who don’t have access to high-quality eye care — and struggle needlessly. That's why we want to give more children, parents and grandparents the chance to live their lives with clear vision, independence and dignity.

Orbis End of Year Appeal: Megha pictured with her mom and her new glasses which have helped her poor vision

Megha learned the benefits of loving her eyes

Globally, refractive errors are the most common cause of vision impairment. They occur when the shape of an eye does not bend light correctly, resulting in blurred images. In cities like Biratnagar, where Megha lives with her parents and three siblings, the prevalence of refractive errors is increasing in schoolchildren.

Since 80% of learning is visual, these impairments have a particularly devastating impact on children, who face both poor vision and critical setbacks in development

Because of her undiagnosed amblyopia — a refractive error known as “lazy eye”— Megha struggled in school. She couldn’t read the blackboard or her textbooks. Fortunately, Megha’s story didn’t end there. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, Orbis is working with local partners in Nepal to screen, identify and treat schoolchildren who need eye health services.

REACH - which stands for Refractive Error Among Children - is a three-year Orbis project to provide care for conditions like lazy eye, nearsightedness and farsightedness. REACH’s goal is to screen and treat 500,000 children like Megha by 2021.

Orbis End of Year Appeal: Megha can see clearly again with her new glasses

Megha can see clearly again with her new glasses

Before she was examined, Megha didn’t make the connection between her difficulty with her schoolwork and poor vision. “When they did my eye check-up, I could not see with my one eye. I did not know.”

Because the healthy eye can compensate for its affected counterpart, children with refractive errors often don’t realize there is a problem. As a result, they can suffer permanent vision loss without treatment.

This means that our REACH program is critical and life-changing. Once diagnosed, Megha received free prescription eyeglasses which she picked out herself. She says, “I like everything about my glasses.”

Now able to see clearly, Megha studies hard, enjoys playing with her friends — and dreams of a future as a teacher: “I want to become a reading and writing teacher. I will teach in Nepal and I will teach small children."

Help More Children Like Megha Love Their Eyes

Megha was able to get access the care she needed thanks to the generosity of Orbis supporters. This World Sight, donate to help more children access the care they need and learn to love their eyes.


Restore sight and hope for more children like Megha

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