Your support helped these three moms protect their children's vision

This Mother's Day, help more moms around the world secure brighter futures for their kids with the top-quality eye care they need and deserve.

Saving Sight for a Brighter Future

When you ask a mother what her dreams for her child are the answer is almost universal: a life better than her own.

Ensuring healthy vision is part of providing that life. But in remote regions, lack of access to top-quality eye care means that girls and boys needlessly suffer from preventable blindness.

Fortunately, generous supporters like you help Orbis-trained eye teams get the training they deserve to treat their communities.

Read three stories below to learn about a few of the girls whose mothers are working tirelessly for their futures.

Truc and Her Mother, Trinh

Three-year-old Truc suffered from strabismus in both eyes, causing her eyes to look in different directions. Her mom, Trinh, was afraid that Truc would be struck by a car because she could barely see where she was walking.

Thankfully, Truc received vision-restoring care at an Orbis-supported hospital in Vietnam — and Trinh is relieved that her daughter navigates her world with healthy sight!

Attibashir and Hanna

Attibashir and her family live in Ethiopia. She supports them by selling coffee since her husband lost his job because of the pandemic. Despite her struggles, this mom is grateful that her kids will never suffer from trachoma — the leading cause of infectious blindness in her country.

Around the world, Orbis’s sight-saving programs - like our recent Mass Drug Administration - allow moms like Attibashir to secure their children’s healthy vision and brighter futures.

These programs have taught Attibashir how to prevent trachoma’s spread. She learned that face and hand washing are critical, and she’s never missed her annual dose of antibiotics, which Orbis-trained eye health workers distribute, either. Attibashir keeps her kids’ vision protected, too, so they can stay in school!

We’re proud of how Orbis equips moms like Attibashir with the resources they need to care for their families.

Marla and Her Family

Marla's grandmother understands the importance of treating eye care early to ensure a lifelong healthy vision. Both she and her daughter - Marla's mother - live with irreversible vision impairment because the pediatric cataract surgery they needed as infants wasn't available in their country at the time. When she noticed Marla had a similar congenital condition, this dedicated grandmother vowed to get her treatment.

At just 42 days-old, Orbis-trained Dr. Shamsiya Murat performed cataract surgery on little Marla, making her the youngest person in Mongolia to receive the surgery. Marla's grandmother knew it was important for Marla to receive surgery immediately as this issue worsens rapidly and is irreversible.

Thankfully, Dr. Murat's surgery saved Marla's sight - bringing a bright future to the next generation of this grateful family.

You Can Help

After reading these stories it's clear that your support can do so much to help the lives of these mothers and daughters. We hope you all have a wonderful Mother's Day and remember that together we can keep hope in sight for families around the world.

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