This #GirlDad and his daughter are fighting blindness together

June 2021

Dr. Rudy Wagner is a longtime Orbis volunteer and proud #GirlDad to his daughter Christine. Inspired by her father’s passion and commitment, Christine recently made a generous donation to Orbis.

When Christine speaks about her father, her love shines through. She says his compassion and adventurous spirit make him one of her greatest role models.

Dr. Rudy Wagner and his daughter Christine

Dr. Rudy Wagner travels the world saving people’s sight, and teaching others to do the same. His daughter Christine’s recent gift to Orbis means she’s there helping him, wherever he goes.

When we asked Christine about making her gift, she had this to say:

I’m not a doctor like my dad, so I can’t help people in the same way he does. But I can make a difference by making a donation. That’s something that makes me happy, and whenever he’s overseas on a mission, it makes me feel like I’m there supporting him”.

Dr. Wagner feels the same – and he couldn’t be more proud of his daughter.

Christine tries to help others in any way she can. She has such a kind and generous spirit. I love her very much,” said Dr. Wagner.

Both Dad and Daughter Now Play a Vital Role in Restoring Children’s Sight

Dr. Wagner began volunteering with Orbis as an ophthalmologist in the early 1990s. Since then he’s changed the lives of thousands of children in more than 20 different countries.

But Dr. Wagner’s work is only possible because of the kindness of supporters like you and his daughter Christine.

Christine included a note with her recent donation. She wrote:

“My father, Dr. Rudolph Wagner, has shared stories and photos with me from his trips, and he has opened my eyes to the children and lives of many throughout the world.

This donation is in honor of my recently deceased grandfather, Rudolph J. Wagner, the father of Dr. Wagner.

Without my grandfather's encouragement, my father would never have had the tools to become an ophthalmologist and compassion to volunteer with Orbis.”

Dr. Rudy Wagner and his daughter Christine

Dr. Wagner is proud of his daughter, Christine, and her generous spirit

This Father's Day, we celebrate the outstanding example of dads like Rudolph J. Wagner, and Dr. Rudy Wagner, who inspire and teach their children.

The compassion that’s been passed down through three generations of the Wagner family is now restoring sight and changing the lives of other families.

Here Are Just Some of the Lives Changed by the Dynamic Wagner Duo

Slideshow: Dr. Rudolph Wagner is leading the fight against preventable blindness. The generosity of people like you makes his work possible.

It’s very rewarding knowing that the money you give to Orbis really does make a difference. You’re changing the lives of so many people and giving the gift of sight,” said Christine.

While the Wagner family are busy leaving their legacy, a gift to Orbis would ensure you leave yours. As a teaching and training organization, our mission is to equip local eye teams with the skills needed to save sight in their communities. Not just today but for generations to come - leaving a lasting legacy of sustainable eye care.

Donate Today

Will you join Christine and her dad, and help restore the sight of even more children?

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