The Knight Family: Fighting Blindness for Three Generations

November 2020

Thomas S. Knight, Jr. was one of the founders of Orbis and remained a supporter, donor and friend right up until his passing in 2014. We will be forever thankful for his legacy. Now Tom's son Peter and his own daughter, Becket, are dedicated members of the Orbis family - making three generations of eye health heroes.

In 2018, Peter and Becket joined the Flying Eye Hospital program in Mongolia. There, they sat in on training sessions on board the plane and at a local hospital, spent time with patients, observed a surgery, and met eye health professionals.

A highlight of the Knights' time in Mongolia was visiting Marla, an Orbis patient, and her family. "Marla has a face that stays with you," Peter says. What also has stayed with Peter is the impact of meeting someone who benefitted from his father's legacy, which he was grateful to share with Becket:

Peter Knight & his daughter Becket with little Marla and her mum

"When you are in the home of a girl who will be able to see because of an idea that my father helped turn into a reality, it's hard to not want to share that with your children. Not because of pride, though I am proud of him, but so that they will know how far their good deeds can travel and that the impulse to care for others is never the wrong one," he explains.

Marla takes a shine to Becket

Becket was also moved by the experience: "Throughout my life, I have heard stories from my family about Orbis, but going on the airplane and being in the hospital were incredible because I got to see just how many people Orbis helps."

Peter and Becket visited the Flying Eye Hospital in Mongolia

In fact, Becket took it upon herself to start a fundraising campaign for Orbis, which included a presentation in front of her whole school. Peter was so proud of how his daughter rallied her fellow students to support our sight-saving mission. And all of us at Orbis are grateful!

Marla and Orbis mascot, Seymour the bear, get acquainted

With the dedication and generosity of the next generation of the Knight family - and all our donors, including you! - children like Marla, as well as their children and grandchildren, will enjoy healthy vision and bright futures. Thank you!

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