5 Reasons Orbis Supporters Love Little Marla

The Orbis community loves little Marla! The girl from Mongolia with special pink glasses captured the hearts of many supporters. Since posting Marla's moving story on social media last year, we have received thousands of likes, comments and shares.

The outpouring of love is so heartwarming that we wanted to share some of the messages.

1: Orbis Supporters Think Marla Is Adorable!

Like both her parents, Marla was born with congenital cataracts. If not treated when a baby is between 6 and 8 weeks old, permanent vision loss will occur. Marla's mother had surgery when she was two years old, but it was too late to save her sight.

Marla pictured with her mom at her home in Mongolia

Marla, shown here with her mother, was born with congenital cataracts.

2: Orbis Supporters Believe That All Children, Just Like Little Marla, Deserve Healthy Eye Sight, No Matter Where They Live.

Because of their own vision loss, Marla's parents were eager to have her cataracts treated as soon as possible. So when she was 19 days old, her parents brought her to The National Center for Maternal and Child Health, an Orbis partner hospital in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

Children from communities around the world need vision-restoring treatment to live a life free from blindness.

3: Orbis-Trained Doctors Save the Sight of Children Like Marla — in Communities Around the World, Every Day — and Orbis Supporters Are Thankful.

Thanks to our amazing supporters and the skilled work of local Orbis-trained surgeon Dr. Shamsiya Murat, Marla's sight-saving surgery was successful. At 42 days old, Marla became the youngest person in Mongolia to receive cataract surgery.

Dr  Shamsiya Murat Bugbee completed an Orbis-sponsored fellowship in India

Children like Marla inspire Dr. Murat to do her very best in the fight against preventable blindness.

4: Oh, Those Glasses! Orbis Supporters Think Marla's Pink Special Glasses Are Perfect for Her.

Orbis brings people together in the fight against avoidable blindness. You can give children like Marla the gift of sight. With your help today, we can ensure everyone has access to quality eye care, making healthy sight a reality for generations.

Marla's mother and grandmother were also born with congenital cataracts

Marla, at 7 months old, wears her special glasses.

5: Most of All, Orbis Supporters Know That When Children Have Healthy Vision, They Have an Opportunity to Excel in School, Their Families Can Prosper, and Their Futures Become so Much Brighter.

We commented, too, in appreciation for the outpouring of love for Marla from the Orbis community.

Even Marla's family joined the conversation and posted updated photos of her!

Thanks to the entire Orbis community for the outpouring of love and support for Marla and for all people around the world who need urgent eye care to save their sight.

Like you, all of us at Orbis send Marla and her family our best wishes for a bright future. Today, you can help make healthy sight a reality for generations. Please consider making a special gift. Every donation makes a difference.


Help us provide eye care to children like little Marla.

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