Update: Women Deliver 2019

We're fortunate to have some extraordinary women at the heart of the Orbis family. Right now, five of us are at the Women Deliver conference in Canada where thousands of people have come together to tackle the biggest issues women and girls face around the world.

We know women and girls bare the burden of blindness and visual impairment around the world. This not only impacts their lives, their families and their communities but also the economy.

Our wonderful team at Women Deliver 2019

As reflected in the session moderated by Devex's President, Raj Kumar, we recognize the vital contributions that all women can make to society. Here at Orbis we're working towards a world where avoidable blindness is no more and all women and girls can see their full potential.

We know there are 139 million women and girls living with blindness and vision loss - that's 25 million more than men. We know that 2 out of every 3 children who are blind globally are girls. We know that 70% of people with blinding trachoma - a painful but entirely preventable condition - are women.

Watch this video & share if you see the potential in women & girls

In order to address this gender inequity, it is vital we focus on improving services to young people. A major focus of the #WD2019 is ensuring efforts reach women and girls in their communities and the importance of providing the essential services they need to succeed.

We at Orbis are committed to helping women & girls overcome the barriers they face throughout all walks of life.

If you're with us, why not sign the pledge below.

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