Nomboniso Mnyameni: Finance Officer

February 2019

What kind of people make up our Orbis family? Here we introduce you to the lovely Nomboniso Mnyameni - a numbers queen, socialite and financial officer.

Nomboniso has impressed her colleagues immensely during her young career with her professionalism and open-heartedness. She may not be well known to the greater Orbis community, but she is the kind of talent that makes for a bright future.

Kind-hearted Nomboniso is well-respected by her colleagues and described as a 'delight to work with.'

Nomboniso is full of energy: she loves numbers, fun and will go very far professionally. Watch out for this talent and follow her!

Lene Øverland,

Regional Director, Orbis International, Africa

Her line manager and Director of Finance, Thilda Nel, adds, ‘Nomboniso is a delight to work with. She is a great asset to the team and no one deserves a big heartfelt thank you more. Nomboniso, the sky is the limit for you!

Nomboniso has been working in the Cape Town office for a little over three years. She supports South Africa, Zambia, Ghana and Cameroon as the Finance Officer. She explains the best part of her job is knowing that her work is an investment in a brighter future. ‘Just knowing that what I am doing every day is impacting the world in a small way for good.’ The hardest part of her job, is telling people that call the office that we cannot help them directly as we do not conduct services in Cape Town.

She is addicted to Orbis and is constantly learning her craft and growing both personally and professionally. She loves working with people from different cultures. She explains, ‘it has increased my ability to adapt to different cultural demands and behavioral expectations, increasing my ability to handle sensitive situations.

Her superpower is giving hugs and people often line up

Nomboniso is especially inspired by our colleagues in the Zambia country office. ‘The team works very hard in the field and the way they interact with partners and other organizations is profound. There is so much respect for the work that Orbis does in Zambia – it is wonderful to experience.’

Nomboniso is no wallflower and she thrives in office social activities, therefore it’s no surprise that her best memory was the staff Dinner in the Dark. She explains, ‘we had to have dinner blindfolded. It was really an eye-opening experience for me, I got to understand how our beneficiaries feel.’ Continuing on the social theme she even did the Color Run last year with a group of Orbis colleagues.

In her personal life she loves to sing and won a competition when she was a child in her hometown of Port Elizabeth!

Thank you Nomboniso for all the fantastic work you do, the support you give to your colleagues and above all - for helping us fight avoidable blindness as a valued member of our Orbis family.