The Race To Save Pinki's Sight

Born with cataracts in both eyes, little Pinki was in a race against time – she needed a sight-saving operation urgently or she would lose her vision forever.

Cataract is one of the world’s leading causes of blindness. It’s a devastating condition that gets worse with time and, if it goes untreated, its blinding effects can be irreversible.

Unfortunately, Pinki was born with cataracts in both eyes. They were cloudy and flickered back and forth constantly, but her parents had no idea what was causing her vision loss. It seemed as though Pinki would never get the sight-saving care she needed.

That was until her grandfather stepped in…

Pinki’s grandfather

Even more than the cloudi­ness, it was her danc­ing eyes that caught my con­cern. They nev­er stop flickering.

Pinki’s grandfather had suffered from vision loss too but had found first-class treatment at a local hospital in the small town of Chitrakoot. Orbis helped to develop this hospital, providing the training and tools the team needed to treat almost any kind of eye condition. Pinki’s grandfather knew he could find help for his precious granddaughter there.

Pinki’s grandfather

I’m very hope­ful because I was treat­ed here and I’m doing fine now. I’m in my 70s and I received surgery here for my own cataract. I have the same hope for her.

Pinki’s grandfather brought her to Chitrakoot hospital where she was diagnosed, treated and cared for by our amazing team of doctors and nurses. Thanks to kind Orbis supporters like you, she received her cataract operation early enough to save her sight.

Pinki’s vision might have been saved, but there is a Crisis in Sight that could soon affect thousands of girls just like her. Globally, blindness is set to triple by 2050 unless we ramp up the quality and availability of eye care for everyone.

Our partner hospital in Chitrakoot already treats more than 35,000 children a year and performs a staggering 2,600 sight-saving operations. And with the demand for quality eye care increasing, our teams around the world need your help more than ever.

Together, we can prevent this crisis and give many more people the life-changing eye care they deserve.

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