September 2017

Welcome to the team Dr. Andreas Di-Luciano

We are proud and excited to introduce our newest crew member aboard the Flying Eye Hospital, welcome to the family Dr. Andreas Di-Luciano. However, Andreas is no stranger to our plane or Orbis as he trained and attended lectures on board during his residency at Instituto Regional de Oftalmología (IRO) in Trujillo, Peru.

Originally from Chile, Andreas studied medicine in his own country but completed his ophthalmology training at IRO from 2014 –2017. He loves cornea and cataract surgeries so he attended another cataract course at the Agarwal’s Eye Institute in India in 2017. “I love the eyes in every single way!”

“During my residency at IRO in Trujillo, I had the opportunity to receive hands-on training during the two Flying Eye Hospital programs in 2014 and 2015,” said Dr. Andreas Di-Luciano, the new staff ophthalmologist of the Flying Eye Hospital. “By joining the team now, it fulfills my long-term dream of helping those less fortunate in our society and improve their quality of life through the sustainable services that Orbis provides since visual impairment and avoidable blindness are growing problems around the world.”

Orbis initiated our long-term partnership with IRO to develop the first pediatric unit in northern Peru in 2002. Since then, several multiple-year projects focusing on cataract, retina, cornea, retinopathy of prematurity (ROP), as well as refractive error in school children were conducted. Those projects involved training with the Flying Eye Hospital, hospital-based programs, Cybersight and international fellowships to enhance the skills of the local ophthalmic community. Orbis had also invested in improving IRO’s management capacity and delivery of services to support its growth as a specialized institute, a patient referral and a resident training center.

So, when the Flying Eye Hospital returned to Trujillo in 2014 and 2015, Andreas was working as a resident in the pediatric and strabismus unit. “I was inspired by the Orbis staff and the results of the programs. In particular, I gained a lot of invaluable hands-on experiences from two amazing volunteer pediatric ophthalmologists, Dr. Andrea Molinari from Argentina and Dr. Carlos Solarte from Canada. So, I dreamed of joining Orbis someday.”

When asked about his most memorable moment with Orbis so far,

There were so many but I’ll never forget the faces of patients and their families after surgeries. They were so happy because their lives were changed forever.

As fate would have it, Andreas was successfully recruited as a staff ophthalmologist on the Flying Eye Hospital in August. “I’m honored to be part of this incredible team, and I wish to keep growing professionally and personally within Orbis.”

In fact, Andreas is strong in research and teaching so although he just finished his residency, he has already presented clinical cases and studies at national and international congresses, addressing different ophthalmic topics such as cornea, glaucoma and cataract. When he is not working, he enjoys sport and travelling.

Please join me in welcoming Andreas to the Flying Eye Hospital and the Orbis family. 

Did you know that Andreas not the only crew member to joined the Flying Eye Hospital team from our partner hospitals around the world? Two of our current staff nurses, Liu Xiao Ying from China and Elisa Urruchi from Peru, were also trained during the Flying Eye Hospital programs in their countries before they joined Orbis!