CNN steps on board the Flying Eye Hospital.

CNN steps on board the Flying Eye Hospital

CNN's Vital Signs with Dr. Sanjay Gupta featured our amazing Flying Eye Hospital during its recent visit to Cameroon. Check out the three-part series below. A big thank you to CNN and to everyone who made this story possible!

In part 1, Dr. Sanjay Gupta gives viewers a brief background on the history of the plane, then focuses on current activities that will take place on the plane in Cameroon. He interviews Orbis Volunteer Faculty, Dr. Tom Johnson, who focuses on why he loves volunteering for Orbis and the inspiring local doctors he works with during programs.

Part 1 - On board the Flying Eye Hospital

In part 2, Dr. Gupta talks with two Volunteer Faculty as they help train local doctors and nurses aboard our Flying Eye Hospital. He interviews our very own Volunteer Faculty, Dr. Annette Giangiacomo, about what she finds most fascinating about her job as a glaucoma specialist.

Part 2 - A hospital with wings

In part 3, Dr. Sanjay Gupta showcases the plane in action. He speaks to our Global Medical Director, Dr. Jonathan Lord, who talks Dr. Gupta through the special hospital features on board the plane. Jonathan also gives viewers insights on the current eye health situation in Cameroon and some of the hospitals we're partnering with.

Part 3 - Helping eye health in Cameroon

Thank you to CNN, our Volunteer Faculty and local doctors for their help in capturing our work in Cameroon.

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