Flying Eye Hospital

CNBC Features the Flying Eye Hospital

November 2017

CNBC interviewed Orbis's Bruce Johnson, Director of Aircraft Operations and Maintenance, in-depth about the Flying Eye Hospital.

This video features Bruce giving a walkthrough of our MD-10 aircraft to CNBC reporter, Tom Chitty. Watch below, as Johnson shares parts of the plane you've never seen before.

Bruce walked CNBC through the self-sustaining aircraft. They covered special features including the plane's own hospital grade oxygen, and a water purifier that, according to Bruce, is designed "to kill every bacteria known to man." This allows the plane to go into remote parts of the world, and offer top-notch services where they'd normally be unavailable.

It’s all about sustainable education in these countries. We can have as many as 15 different nationalities working at the same time together, for the same cause.

Bruce Johnson

Director, Aircraft Operations and Maintenance