Patient leaves flying eye hospital.

BBC in Cameroon

The BBC World News released a segment on World Sight Day about our Flying Eye Hospital efforts in Cameroon. The segment covers a patient success story, our first ever use of virtual reality goggles and dives further into our work in Cameroon.

Meet Yvette, who used to be a school teacher until she had to leave her job due to loss of eyesight from cataracts. Today, thanks to Dr. Asim Sli, she can now see out of her right eye, with hopes of getting her left eye operated on in the upcoming weeks. Her success story below:

Virtual Reality Goggles

Through the use of our virtual reality goggles, local doctors can now watch surgeries in 3D in our classroom. These goggles bring a more realistic learning experience to local doctors attending our seminars. The local doctors in Cameroon were the first to experience our 3D technology through individual VR goggles.

Woman receives eye examination.

Orbis in Cameroon

We’ve partnered with two local hospitals, Yaoundé Central Hospital and Magrabi ICO Cameroon Eye Institute, to help train and provide eye care to the 326,213 Cameroonians who are moderately to severely visually impaired (MSVI). To meet the obstacles faced by local hospitals, training is being customized to focus on five subspecialties, including cataract, and will include different workshops, covering a range of topics from refraction to equipment repair and maintenance.

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