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Back to School for Maiyan

Twelve-year-old Maiyan and her family of nine live in the remote, mostly rural Gansu province of northwest China, one of the poorest Chinese provinces. From birth, Maiyan's left eye was misaligned. After being cruelly mocked by other children, Maiyan pleaded to stay home from school to avoid being bullied.

I did­n’t want to go to school because I could­n’t read what the teacher wrote on the black­board. The oth­er chil­dren would­n’t stop teas­ing me and refused to play with me, say­ing I had weird eyes”.

After two hours in the operating room, the surgery performed by Orbis volunteers and local staff was a success. Maiyan returned to the hospital a day later to have her bandages removed. She happily told her parents, “Now I can go back to school!”

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