Biomedical Engineer

While we currently do not have any open vacancies for a Biomedical Engineer, we continue to accept applications for the role. If you're a Biomedical Engineer who wants to work in public health and are willing to travel intensively, we'd love to hear from you! We'll reach out when there's an opening on the team again.

Biomedical Engineer

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The Orbis Flying Eye Hospital (FEH) is a unique mobile teaching and operating facility on board a MD-10 jet aircraft that travels to developing countries worldwide to share the gift of sight.

As an essential member of the Orbis Flying Eye Hospital (FEH) medical support team, the Biomedical Engineer (BE) is responsible for the effective planning, design, and implementation of clinical training programs for biomedical engineers, clinical engineers, biomedical equipment technicians and other hospital personnel who participate in FEH programs around the world. S/He is tasked with setting-up, calibrating, maintaining, and repairing the medical and office equipment on board the aircraft and directing Orbis team members in the proper use of these tools. As a participant in the Orbis MD-10 Team, s/he will advise the team on the biomedical specifications of the Flying Eye Hospital.

The Biomedical Engineer reports directly to the Clinical Systems Manager (CSM). S/He also connects with Orbis employees at headquarters in New York and in Orbis offices around the world.

● Provide technical support during FEH programs, as part of the FEH biomedical team:
o Correct set-up, calibration, maintenance and repairs of the FEH medical and office equipment on board the aircraft and at local hospitals.
● Work with the Clinical Systems Manager to:
o Manage and maintain of the medical device database
o Ensure that all new and existing medical equipment have appropriate service contracts including negotiation of same with vendors.
o Develop of a risk management system for medical devices
o Produce and monitor training plans in medical devices for FEH staff and VFs
o Keep maintenance records and stickers in all our equipment up to date to comply with accreditation requirements
o Ensure that the FEH meets the accreditation standards as set out by AAAASFI
● Provide reports to the FEH Clinical Oversight committee and the Orbis Medical Advisory Committee on medical device management and training.
● Advise on new equipment and technologies to be used both on the FEH and in partner hospitals.
● Advise on the integration of medical devices with the FEH and Orbis IT systems
● Work with the CSM and the FEH Program Manager, in conjunction with the Vice President, Clinical Services, on planning, design, and implementation of clinical training programs for biomedical engineers, clinical engineers, biomedical equipment technicians and other hospital personnel who participate in FEH programs.
● Assist in stewarding and growing the biomedical engineering, technician and systems management volunteer faculty pool.
● Provide technical support and expertise to the Vice President, Clinical Services in development of BME training modules, courses and events for Orbis Global Program.
● Teach host country technicians and other healthcare professionals the principles of equipment operation and techniques such as trouble shooting, preventive maintenance, calibration, repair and equipment management.
● Participate in planning visits, preparing and designing the biomedical engineering program for the FEH program, as required.
● Monitoring and evaluation of, and reporting on, the outcomes of FEH biomedical training programs
● Maintain professional growth through training on new or unknown systems and/or hardware.
● Participate actively in fund raising events and goodwill tours on and off the plane and represent Orbis at social functions.
● Participate in special projects and take on other duties as requested by the CSM.
● Assist in the daily cleaning, set-up and packing of the aircraft.

● Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent degree in Biomedical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, or Mechanical Engineering. Master’s degree in relevant field highly desirable.
● Minimum 4 years engineering work experience a clinical hospital environment.
● Demonstrated expertise in Clinical Engineering and/or Healthcare Technology Management. This includes:
o Proven in-depth familiarity with different types of equipment and modern health care technology management practices.
o Ability to demonstrate repairs and maintenance of medical equipment, especially ophthalmic equipment.
● Training delivery experience highly desirable.
● Previous experience with ophthalmic equipment is a plus.
● Prior international work experience desirable.

● Excellent interpersonal, communication, and diplomacy skills: the ability to interact effectively in person and in writing with people of diverse cultural backgrounds.
● Team oriented work style, with a pro-active, open-minded, and flexible approach.
● High tolerance to stress: ability to function effectively in a demanding, fast-paced and constantly changing work environment.
● Solid analytical and problem-solving skills: the ability to assess situations quickly and resolve them efficiently and effectively.
● Solid mentoring and teaching skills.
● Strong organizational skills and attention to detail.
● High professional integrity and patient-centered approach to programs, services, and systems.
● High degree of computer literacy: Including Word, Excel, Outlook, Power Point, and willingness to learn supply chain management system (online medical supply inventory system).
● Oral and written fluency in English – working knowledge of a second language is a plus.
● Ability to travel to developing countries up to 80% of the time. This includes having no significant disqualifying factors that would preclude approval of entry visas in the countries on the FEH travel schedule.

Orbis is an Equal Opportunity Employer. As a global organization, we welcome qualified applicants from diverse backgrounds and cultures who reflect the five Orbis values of Trust, Caring, Commitment, Accountability, and Excellence.

Biomedical Engineer

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