Envisioning a More Equitable future

Orbis works all over the world to ensure equitable access to high-quality eye care  and fights to break down the social and systemic barriers that  stand in the way.  We believe that  everyone should have the opportunity to  live  their life with dignity and realize their full potential. 

The murder of George Floyd by the police is just one recent example of systemic racism in the United States that denies these opportunities to Black people – and indeed, too often, takes their very lives. As an organization with headquarters in the US, our staff and the wider Orbis family are deeply saddened and have been moved by the global show of solidarity in support of Black lives.

There is no room for racism at Orbis. It is anathema to our Orbis values of caring, accountability, trust and commitment. These recent events have led us to pause and deeply reflect on these values and our own responsibility to do more to actively fight racism and dismantle the systems that oppress and marginalize Black people and other people of color.

We are listening and learning while developing the further actions we must take, including in our workplace, and are committed to doing our part.

Orbis mission, vision & values

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