Hortance Manjo, Orbis Country Representative, Cameroon

Hortance is the dynamic face and heart of Orbis in Cameroon. She thrives on breaking barriers and overcoming challenges that impact the lives of people who would otherwise be unable to access quality care. Her role is diverse and yet she handles the pressure and manages all her interactions with a grace and integrity that embodies the Orbis Values.

Lene Øverland, Orbis Africa CEO, explains: Hortance is an exceptional individual; she engages as well with the Prime Minister as with an ophthalmologist, a nurse or a cataract patient from a poor rural area. She converses with ease in any conversation and her answer is always yes, let’s make it work!’.

Elenor McNab, Head of Program Management at Orbis Africa, elaborates:Hortance is a huge asset to the Orbis team; extremely professional, highly regarded by stakeholders at all levels, and has the ability to demonstrate absolute calm and poise in demanding situations. And she can laugh easily too! We are very fortunate to have her heading up our program in Cameroon. She’s fabulous!’

Her personal credo is ‘be committed, disciplined and helpful’, an ethos she has certainly demonstrated during her five-years with Orbis.

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