Chief Human Resources Officer

Mary Jane Jamar joined us in December 2020 to innovate and drive global HR, people, and culture to support the organization’s mission, vision, and strategy.

As an international human capital strategist, she has a 20+ years track record of improving current organizational structures, developing effective talent management strategies, and innovating leading-edge HR systems from the ground up.

Mary Jane is an effective communicator and partner, with rich expertise working across cultures to understand the unique demands of global HR practices. She is renowned for her adaptability, innovation, and experience managing organizational transformations, with extensive professional experience working in Africa, South Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East.

Previous roles and responsibilities include directing strategic and functional HR operations at World Wildlife Fund, Vice President for Human Resources at Management Sciences for Health, Chief Human Resources Officer at International Rescue Committee, and Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer at Winrock International.

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